7 day old xbox 360 fualty *my rights*

hi i bought an xbox 360 on 25/01/07 tommorrow it will be 7 days old but the damm thing wont read disks properley am i entiled to a refund??? the store says it will be sent away for repair meanwhile i am left with nuthing am i being fobbed off??


  • states on receipt:
    We are happy to refund or exchange any unopened products returned with 28 days.

    you'll get a free repair by a comet approved engineer for any products which prove faulty within the manufacturers guarentee period.
    If the product is faulty and for any reason we can't repair it within the guarentee period, we'll offer you an exchange or refund.
    This does not affect your statutory rights

    but surley within 7 days this cannot be right?
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  • Under the Sale of Goods Act you are entitled to a reasonable time in which to reject the goods and claim a full refund.

    7 days would be fine.

    I would get something in writing to them (even if you hand it over in the store) and keep a copy stating that you are rejecting the item and claiming a full refund, as the item is not of satisfactory quality and therefore does not comply with the terms of the Sale of Goods Act.
  • I bought a laptop from PCworld.
    It lasted a week before it completely froze so I took it back and they said they would do a re-install and to call back a few hours later.
    I called back later and was told that the re-install didnt work and they would send it off to be repaired.
    I refused the repair and told them I wanted a new laptop as it was only a week old and I was not paying for a refurbished model.
    They then "suddenly" gave me a new laptop, they were trying it on by offering to repair it.
    Looks like you are being fobbed off too.
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