i have done it again...

its not the beginning of my financial month for another 15 days but i have once again found extra money (£100.00) in my current account (bills account) that hasnt got anything allocated to it :o the only thing i can think of is mums debt payment comes from my account on the 20th... well last month i forgot we were being paid (happens quite a lot now i am df) so i didnt transfer my spends into my spending account till the 23rd but i didnt check to see if this bill was payed or not... so i now have an extra £100 to put into savings :T i will leave it in there till payday anyway just incase i forgot something :rotfl: and people wonder why i am back off to college :rotfl:


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    hey an extra £100 nice one ....enjoy saving it ....are you saving for anything in particular?
  • elantan wrote:
    hey an extra £100 nice one ....enjoy saving it ....are you saving for anything in particular?

    yep its cool... worrying at first but cool :) i am trying to hit my target (see sig) but once i pass my driving test i will be using most of it (or what i have saved up by then) to get a car... but that could be years yet :rotfl:
  • Nice one!

    We (my wife, and her sister + husband) got a cheapish cottage in wales a for a few days this coming April and I forgot that I paid for it for all of us last month

    Had done the sums this month without taking that into account and was a bit tight. brother in law called last night to say they were dropping the cash around tonight and it all came back to me.

    So not really found extra money as such, but still a relief to be reminded about it.
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