Ikea -- **terrible** Service

Rang up IKEA Croydon to check the last time you could buy something to get same day delivery.

I was told 5.30pm (they are open to midnight M-F). Couldn't believe it so I asked again. Yes, 5.30pm. Lady gave me the deliverers number as well. Rang it but it was the wrong number. Didn't bother to ring back CS as she did tell me TWICE it was 5.30pm.

Went into the store at 2.30pm after taking half a day of work to move flat.

Told I was too late. Noon cut-off. Furious I went to see the manager. They run for the hills, anyone in responsible disappears.

I was told by a supervisor (after requesting the store manager) that "No-one speaks to the Store Manager" in a dismissive tone.

Another remonstrating with her I try my luck with someone else. He tells me that the specific number listed under each store in their catalogue is actually routed to a call centre and I should know that (why would I assume that), and I was lucky that it was in peterborough not india -- why is this relevant i am thinking -- I just want my problem solved. He tells me their a 3rd party and not responsible for/to the branch. Hello? I am the customer! This isn't my problem. Please provide some customer service. Please?

No responsibility is taken naturally, and no-one wants to find any solution.

So I've wasted 3 hours, take half a day off work to move flat when I don't have time to spare, and have to stay in a hotel for a couple of days now having moved to London and being sans bed before the weekend when I have time to sort everything out.

Doesnt even look like the respond to complaints... useless ... for a company that doesnt advertise much and trades off their goodwill and brand I am surprised they aren't a bit more responsive and understanding.

Customer does the right thing -- IKEA stuff up. IKEA's response: Tough.


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    buy a £10 sleeping bag and kip on the floor?
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    Couldn't you have called on an earlier date and asked for the item to be delivered on the day you move in? Surely you knew that you would need sleeping arrangements in advance? And what if the product was not in stock?

    I'm not being sarcastic here, but there has to be some element of reasonableness here - you have left things to the last minute, yet blame the company for when things go wrong. are you sure she didn't say nine thirty (sounds the same as five thirty over the phone)? even if you did make a complaint, what evidence do you have of what was said to you?

    Personally, I think you have brought this on yourself, and have been quite unreasonable in the whole affair. I certainly would not expect a bed ordered at 5:30 pm to be brought to me within 6.5 hours, regardless of what was said to me.
    Don't bother trying to sue me - I've got no money!
  • Well what were you expecting them to do about it? If you were told incorrect information by a 3rd party it's not the stores fault. They haven't got a magic wond.

    With your demand to speak to the store manager. This won't always be possible, I don't know why people expect it as almost a right to see the store manager there and then.

    I work in retail and will explain to people who think the store manager can drop everything and instantly speak to them why this might not be possible. Store managers can have a number of things that they need to do which would need to be uninterrupted for example, meetings or voice conferences, interviews, disciplinary hearings (these can end up in court, union reps may be there, everything needs to be done by the book, hardly a time for interruptions!) this list could go on forever. They'll have supervisors or others who will be able to take your complaint instead, remember the store in fact may not be able to rectify a problem only note it therefore seeing the actual store manager wouldn't make any difference which I can imagine would be the case here.
    Hello? I am the customer! This isn't my problem. Please provide some customer service. Please?
    That is just pure sarcastic self centered ignorance.
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    Interesting tone adopted by people here .. for the record:

    1. I have been staying in a hotel, so its hard to store a bed and other stuff in your room :)
    2. Just started a new job and we're busy. Taking time off is difficult at right now.
    3. IKEA **only** deliver same or next day, you can't forward book, and they could deliver anytime beteeen 9a-5p. So taking half a day off is better than a full one when you're busy.
    4. If you have to order by midday for same day deliver you may as well call it a whole day, as you go there in the morning (when not working) and they deliver in the afternoon.
    5. It would be better to order after work (they are open to midnight) and take the whole day off the next day.
    6. If you want to have something delivered by them -- during the week -- it seems unavoidable that you have to take almost a whole day off, especially if you are single, and live alone.
    7. The customer (me) expects information given by the 'store' when you ring the 'store' to be correct. I don't know its a third-party off-site call centre. They don't tell you that. Each store has a specific number. No reason to suspect its centralised.
    8. Its not a case of 'leaving it to the last minute' if you want to do this and order something at IKEA it has to be 'last minute' as they ONLY deliver same or next day. You cannot schedule a deliver for a specific time, day, or anytime beyond the next day.

    Lesson learnt. But don't shoot the messenger, I'm just passing on the information for the benefit of others. No fault on my part, just following the stores own instructions.

    You are an unsympathetic lot.
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    I bought some furniture from the Wembley Ikea last year at about 11:30pm (yes, close to midnight) and they delivered it immediately - a man with a van followed me home. Cost me about £35. My sister's just bought the same bookcase this week and they did the same thing. Personally, I think this is a brilliant delivery service...!!
  • Ikea customer services.... hummm, having experianced trying to get help with a kitchen design at the Croydon Branch I can sympathise... We stood waiting for ages while the ikea staff member helped other people who kept interupting with 'Just a quick question', even though they were jumping the que. In the end we walked out and brought the kitchen else where. It doesn't help that all the other customers there always seem to be so damn rude and inconsiderate either!

    I wouldn't like to try taking something back to them either... there's a reason that is in a separate part of the building well away from the selling area... so you can't see the que!
  • We had seen a sink we wanted to buy - it had been on display in the store on previous visits - but when we actually went in to make the purchase it was no longer on display - I had also seen in in their catalogue though.

    The member of staff we asked was obviously very put out to be disturbed from her task of moving stuff from one shelf to another and barely even paused to make eye contact and speak to us.

    She told us the sink we described was not for sale, and never had been, that Ikea use props to show how items could be used and this sink was one of them. I explained that it was in their current catalogue. "No it's not, I'm afraid - it was a prop and we don't sell them." She then turned her back and walked away!!!

    We spotted a catalogue on one of their staff workstations - nabbed it, found the sink and took it to another member of staff who punched the code into their computer and told us which aisle in the warehouse we would find it in.. when we got there we found dozens of them stacked up and just waiting to be purchased .... customer service .. nil points!
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