Asda.. Online shopping!!!

I recently had a coupon which gave me £10 off a £50 spend

during my shopping online with adsa the other day i entered my coupon code in and was told it had expired..! however the date on the email was expiry 27/02/2007 so i called the online shopping helpline number and advised my case

and was then told if i called on weds (today) which was when my shopping was being delivered to get the £10 re embursed into my Bank account i am a very trusting person and didnt get his name as he sounded genuine BIG MISTAKE!!

anyhow i called them today and advised about the call last week i had made to be told they had no record on my account i had called(virtually calling me a liar) i was then DUMPED! through to another person whom gave me the same ole rubbish that no notes on the account mean i didnt call i requested to speak with a manager to be told she was a manager i then said i wish to speak to her manager to be then told they werent available

i then requested a call back within 24 hours from her manager to be advised i didnt call there is no notes

where do i stand with this? should i call again write a letter?

any help would be appeciated..

Kind rgards
:A Tracey - Mommy of two girls on a mission to save money:A

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