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Hi everyone,

after yet another charge from Lloyds this month I've decided to try and get back some of the huge amounts of money I've paid them over the years.

My problem is I don't have any paper work and don't even know if I was paying ppi on either the loan or credit card. I had a loan within the last 6years of around £14000 and paid a credit card off this year where the limit was £1500 and I had it for around 4 years.

Any idea's if/how I can start the ball rolling?

I also had a loan around 8 years ago with a+l where I know I paid ppi as I remember they wouldn't give me the loan without it but don't have any paperwork, I guess that one is a no hoper?

Any help will be REALLY appreciated!



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    Hi Dave and welcome

    First of all you could try calling into the local branch, they may check them out for you.

    Or if you know you were sold and mis sold ppi, just continue to make a reclaim anyway, as just as long as you have the loan account numbers.

    You can find these on statements, for example the loan account number is normally shown next to the monthly repayments, if you bank online with lloyds, this normally allows you to go back to about 2002.

    No harm in calling in though.

    Another way is Credit Report, these normally cost £2, and they should enclose details of the last 6 years, so even if the loan was still active and settled within that timescale, details will or should be on the report.
    You can google in Experian, or Equifax, or just google in Credit reports, where some are free for 30 days.

    The other way which will cost more is a Subject Access Request (SAR), they have 40 calendar days to comply and provide you with data going back at least the last 6 years.
    My experience with Lloyds, they sent me details even from the 90's as well.
    You enclose £10 cheque or postal order, and there is a template (SAR) letter on the below link.
    So if you banked with LLoyds, you could just give the bank account number and they should send details of all accounts you taken out with them.


    To make a reclaim, if you go directly on to Lloyds website, the questionnaire is the same one as on here, and details of where to send your complaint are on their site too.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

    The one and only "Dizzy Di" :D
  • Thank you so much Di! I'll use the SAR letter template, I dont mind paying the £10 fee if it may lead to a claim! I'll let you know how I get on.

    Thanks again,

    Dave :)
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    Just go into your branch.
    They will give you your complete loan history with loan numbers.

    I have some as far back as the 1980's.
    Claimed for every sing one of them.
    All of them are agreed to have been mis-sold by LloydsTSB.
    The now owe me and my wife in excess of £30K
    I'm now in that long queue for the money to be paid
  • Thanks PH! And congrats on the £30k!!! WOW!

    I wonder if I could do the same with a+l? I had a loan of around 15k with them and I was told I would not get the loan without ppi which added thousands onto the amount repaid!! I've never had a bank account with them though so do you think I could get the details of the loan from the branch on just my name and address? The problem is I don't even know if it was in the last 6 years?! Worth a try though I guess!

    Thanks again for your replies guys.


  • Hi again guys n girls, sorry to bring up an old post but I have just spent the last half hour going through my bank statement online and have found my Alliance and Leicester loan account number!!! And the loan was less than 6 years old! My question is, can I send an SAR letter to A+L (Santander now) with just the loan account number? (as opposed to a bank account number which I dont have with them)

    I really want to claim this back as I was not allowed the loan without the ppi and it was around a £15000 loan but dont want to make an idiot of myself! lol
  • Hi, I just wanted to give Di a big huge massive THANK YOU!!!

    It took a few months but I finally had a letter yesterday from Santander offering me over £3500 :)

    Although I had to threaten them with the FSO at first as they said they couldn't find my details, fair play to them in the end they went back more than 6 years and gave me the money for 3 loans I had with A&L plus the 8% interest!

    That amount of money means so much to me and I couldn't have done it without you or this site!

    You're an angel Di, thanks again X

    I'm going to do it all again now and get a start on my Lloyds Loan and credit card now....
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