Re: LPGas or Oil? which is cheaper to use?

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Hello Futumsch, I've been using oil for about 15 years. My neighbour was an oil/gas merchant and he is in no doubt that oil is cheaper, in fact when the price was low about 2-3 years ago ( 10p a litre) it was probably cheaper than gas. I have friends who live in a small house with LPG and they spend more than I do and they have to have deliveries every 3 weeks in the winter. We don't have gas in our village everyone uses oil not LPG which is great for cooking and I don't think it works out any dearer than electricity. I expect LPG prices will move the same way as oil. Sorry I can't help with joules etc.
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    look up Whispergen on the web. it'll be the best thing since sliced bread, and i believe powergen will be supplying them in the not so distant future.
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    I bet your brain hurt after that working out, lol

    Have you considered the rising cost of Oil & Gas, this will set ur re-pay period over a longer period.

    Have u considered, PV's (photovoltanic cells) or heat pumps, these will at least provide free powerduring & after instalation thus have no price increase so the payback period wont grow.

    You should also look at cavity wall & loft insulation as ways to reduce usage. If u want more info on grants for cavity wall, loft insulation then PM me.

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  • In answer to your question Oil would be cheaper,but you have to consider maintinance.
    Oil and gas prices have risen steeply of late and even c/h oil is just below the 30p mark.
    who supplies your LPG ?

    if I lived off the mains I would consider 2 or 3 solar panels and that wouldnt half take the edge of the price of heating the water,I dont know if grants are available for it where you live,but I have seen hotels and others places benifit from Solar panels.

    Woodchip seems to be the new craze in scotland,grants as far as I know are available for it.

    another cracking trend is pilkington K glass

    Ive seen punters save about 30-40% on heating bills over a year.

    hope this is some help

  • "AND... please be nice to other MoneySavers. ";D

    Get the cost per kw of each fuel and then consider the operating efficiency of each respective heating system, that should give a more accurate indication of which is cheaper.

    Anybody able to supply same?

    Otherwise conjecture rules. ::)
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  • OK, thanks, just trying to help, :) as always. :D
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  • Just a thought, (trying not to be boring), but, utilities seem to be measured in kws, therms, gallons, cu meters, cu feet, etc. but not calorific value, then the added complication of efficiency. Are the vested interests trying to confuse us?
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  • My LPGas is supplied by Countrywide. And it is delivered and stored in a green tank outside my house. I pay £8 per month rental on the tank.

    Maintenance? you mean a brass wire brush and a bit of meths applied every year?

    I have a Combi system, so I  have no Hot water tank, No Cistern in the attic, so it would be pretty difficult to attach a Solar heated system to it. Unless I have a third tap on the bath.

    I'm afraid all this extra waffle, if you dont mind me saying, has nothing to do with the price of cucumbers.

    Money can be saved by going to other suppliers

    your Tank rental price High to start,if its a standard
    1200 or 2000 tank your getting stiffed.

    and well meths and wire brush sorts carbon for boiler for sure,
    Glad you have a corgi ticket
    and you need to ask all this

    Everyones an expert you know the answer so why ask ?

    have a cucumber for your self.

    were only trying to help
    I dont need crass replies like that

    heres somthing for nothing

    be prepared for a price hike in non piped fuel this winter.
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