It's Cheap but How Good is The Service?

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My home and motor insurance policies are due for renewal soon. Now I'm well aware about Martin's tips about cutting costs for insurance. From bitter experience I'm very wary of signing up with a "cheap" insurer who has a policy of never pay out without a hassle. That being the case, what insurers can forum members recommend that are value for money and give good servce? From experince I'm not too keen on foreign call centres either.


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    One of the "problems" is that most insurers have multiple claims centres and levels of service will vary between different sites and naturally you can get an handler that is very good, knows their stuff and particularly in things like liability is good at arguing things on your behalf where as the person sitting next to them may be newer/ more apathetical etc. No matter how good an insurers processes or monitoring is you will always get these variances.

    The other consideration of cause is that people who have a poor claim (eg claiming for losing an item but have no proof that they ever owned it) will say they had a bad experience where as someone with a nice straight forward claim is much more likely to come back with a positive experience.
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