I'm so mad arggghhhhh!!!


Did some DJ work for an agency a couple of weeks ago and didnt get a contract as it was an emergency booking! The only proof I have of the work is the email of confirmation received from the agency that booked me.

The agent told me that the money would be transferred straight to my bank account and despite numerous emails and phone calls (where he keeps disconnecting me) I am not going to get the money.

Spoke to another agency for advice and it seems this guy was recently on watchdog for conning loads of people.

Not going to get paid but I want to take this further just to blacken the name of this con artist. He was trading under one name and has now changed the name of the agency!

Could I take this to court and if so how do I go about it???

Any help appreciated!!

Ooh you don't know how mad I feel at the moment. GRRRRRR!!!:mad: :mad:
I'm not a "SINGLE" mum, I'm a "DOUBLE" mum!:D


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    *bump* :) Anyone!?
    I'm not a "SINGLE" mum, I'm a "DOUBLE" mum!:D
  • This was the only one I could find. You'd better make sure it's the same guy though.

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    You can start a claim through the small claims court online

    You have to pay a fee (think it's £30) but they will make the agency pay that back when you win your case.
    Here I go again on my own....
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    It is the same guy. I was lead to the this link today by advice from another agent who was trying to book me. He said this guy is a con artist so I did some research on him. I'm gutted, I very rarely use them but take work if they contact me.

    I am so gutted!! But I am not letting this lie. I have written proof via email that I did the booking. I also contacted the woman I did the gig for as she made a complaint to him (she booked a magician but got a disco, !!!!!!???. Just shows what type of guy would do this type of thing. He gives the grafters a bad name.

    Thanks for the help peeps.

    I'm not a "SINGLE" mum, I'm a "DOUBLE" mum!:D
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    * Oh and I don't have an address, the website for this guy is an 0870 number that I have called constantly today!! He picks the phone up and then puts it back down again. GRRRRR!!!*
    I'm not a "SINGLE" mum, I'm a "DOUBLE" mum!:D
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    Hi thanks for replies.

    I am not clever enough to post a link and haven't found the time to learn how to do it but this guy is on the BBC's Watchdog site. He is trading under the names of A Plus Entertainments but has recently changed to Refresh Entertainments!!! He's let kids down for parties and not turned up at charity gigs he has booked for himself. I'll go back and try and get his name.

    When confronted by watchdog he gave a statement saying that if his clients didn't turn up to gigs it was there fault and not his!! Dead professional.....NOT!!!!!!
    I'm not a "SINGLE" mum, I'm a "DOUBLE" mum!:D
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    I have finally contacted this con man and he is asking for nat ins, tax and BACS??? details. Whatever BACS means???!!! He wants proof of ID and says he needs this to put me on his payroll. I dont want to be any part of his bloody payroll. I am registered to pay my own tax and nat ins. Is he leading me a merry dance again.

    Please help. I need the money and I cannot abide this sort of unprofessionalism.

    *goes off for a good cry*
    I'm not a "SINGLE" mum, I'm a "DOUBLE" mum!:D
  • If it's Heath Jones he's leading you a merry dance.
    UK Balls facing DTI probe
    Jan 17 2007
    The DTI's investigation branch is to examine the activities of crashed Birmingham party firm UK Balls.

    The Economic Crime Unit of West Midlands Police has passed on the inquiry into the firm which went into liquidation with debts of nearly £250,000.

    The company organised a variety of events which never took place, and featured on the consumer affairs programme Watchdog.

    The programme highlighted how the company cancelled a Halloween Ball citing disapproval from religious groups, while a summer masquerade at Sandwell Park Farm was abandoned after the company failed to apply for an entertainments licence.

    Last week The Post revealed how creditors owed £250,000 by the company, based in Edgbaston, are unlikely to get money back.
    Part of the investigation is thought to focus on whether owner Heath Jones was acting as director while barred as a bankrupt.

    Director of UK Balls John Robert Gourley asked Bottomley and Co to place the company into liquidation in December.

    As well as owing customers refunds, the programme said UK Balls owes rent, wages, money to promoters, a printing company and web designers. Around £250,000 is owed to 60 creditors, sums ranging from £1,000 to £25,000.

    Det Insp Mas Ali of the ECU, said: "We received complaints about UK Balls and have passed the inquiry to the DTI, who are very keen to investigate what has gone on."
    What date is on your email confirming the dj work?
    I'm guessing if pushed he will claim to being just an employee of this new "company".
    It's a serious offence to operate a business while bankrupt.
    you say "I have finally contacted this con man"
    What was the phone number?
    Do you know the address of the "company"?
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    Its not Heath Jones. The wrong link was posted. Same Watchdog website, checkout A Plus Entertainment which was aired in October 2006. His name is Daniel Edwards and he is using every trick in the book to avoid payment!!!

    I am not letting this lie. He owes me £100 but I cant stand back and let cowboys like this continue operating.
    I'm not a "SINGLE" mum, I'm a "DOUBLE" mum!:D
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