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DLA renewal query.

When you get a decision on your DLA renewal does the award change as soon as, or not until the previous award comes to an end ?


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    when the previous award ends
  • Usually when award period ends, but DWP does have the power to change your award at the point of receiving information about you - for this reason I advised my clients to wait a while before sending back their renewal packs (which seem to be sent out 6 months in advance).

    As I see it the worst case scenario would be sending the renewal back straight away, losing all the award and hence losing 6 months money if they decided you didn't qualify any more. I do the renewals with my clients 6-8 weeks before the end date - it seems to be just enough time for it to be processed before the end of the claim.
  • I have recently received the decision on my daughter's renewal.
    The new award changed from Mid Care to High, and runs from the decision date, rather than the end of her existing claim.


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