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Council Tax Cashback shows the power of this site Discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's "Council Tax Cashback shows the power of this site" blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.

IMPORTANT: If you want to discuss or ask a question on Council tax this IS NOT the place to do it - this is only for discussing the blog

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  • lewtlewt Forumite
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    i think it's great. i doubt mine flat needs rebanding cause it's A anyway. should be excepmt in my opinion with all the red light activity that goes on around it, with the police allowing it between 7pm ans 7am. but i love the way this site can out something this big.maybe in future banks and councils will think before making sly moves like this...

    well done martin. and good luck to everyone going for this.
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  • gold_3gold_3 Forumite
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    Hi All

    Great posts, have followed Council Tax rebanding

    Have been on VOA site, and looked at our banding which is marked up as B, Band review pending. Have read their explanation of this and it seems to suggest that even now we have modernised, the rating which was A should have perhap stayed the same as the property has not be sold, am I right in thinking this?

    We bought the property a small detached bunglow in 1983, which was unmodernised, no hot water,heating and only two bedrooms. We paid around 23,000 at the time. We live in a close and are the only bunglow of this age so have had problems rating against the other properties in the area. The other properties are modern terraces and are rated B along with some bigger properties with higher ratings.

    All advise would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  • SystemSystem Community Admin
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    Hello Gold, maybe you could take a look through this thread as it may be of use. Or you could post this question over here as you may get a better response. I hope you get your question answered.
  • guppyguppy Forumite
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    Well done Martin! You've had more people paying attention to their council tax bandings than at any time since 1993 when they came in. Certainly more than the government inquiries etc.
  • brilliant,bravo!!!!
    i actually phoned my local voa on friday and whilst waiting for the guy at the end of the phone to find something on file i had 5 mins of free entertainment from 2 of his colleagues, they were discussing the fallout that they felt there was going to be from the show, as you can imagine they were really not too happy, but they had drafted in the full amount of staff for monday, after a few naughty words about mr.lewis. they then started on the cabby driver that had been spreading the word deciding how he could be tracked down and shot!!
    Well my house is having a report drawn up, i think that whas what the guy said.

    my 6 neighbours who appealed against their banding and won seem to have forgotten to mention it to me, hmm, good job 4 mr.lewis eh.
  • I live in a block of 8 flats 5 *1 bedroom 3 *studio.

    All are banded A.

    I used to have a bed-sit which was exempt from council tax (landlord had to

    As a studio is much the same as a bed-sit bar having its own shower room why
    should the banding be the same as a 1 bedroom flat?

    Please advise?

    Thank You
  • Just had a refund of £3500 following an appeal. There were only two houses in our street exactly the same, we were banded G and the other F. Council accepted they had made a mistake (in 1993) and sent me the above refund backdated to 1993!Thanks Martin:j
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