I'm owed 3600 tesco clubcard points!

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Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue with Tesco Mobile and their clubcard scheme. I've been a tesco mobile member since January 2011 and I receive triple points for my phone bill.

Just from being a Tesco Mobile Clubcard owner I'm owed 3600 points. Not one Clubcard point from Tesco Mobile has been added on my Clubcard statement. I spoken to Tesco about this May, they said these points, would appear August. August comes no points. So I'm told wait till November, yep, you've guessed it. No points.

Over 10 months I've earned 3600 points. Which would be ideal for Xmas. But I phone Clubcard and Tesco Mobile, both parties are blaming each other.

So I speak to a supervisor of each department, Clubcard and Tesco Mobile, they're telling me that I've got to wait until February 2012 now. I fear that in February, the same issue will happen again.

Sadly, I can't take advantage of the Exchange Points System. Has anyone else has this issue?

Any help would be great.



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    I'd say stop speaking to them, and write to Tesco Mobile and Tesco Clubcard. I think that trying to sort things out on the phone is usually a great first step - but when that doesn't work, it's time to start making a complaint in writing.
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    Definately do a complaint in writing,over the phone they can fob you off in writing they have to respond.I would point out strongly you were expecting these points for christmas and are disapointed you will miss out on the exchange. Even if they can't sort the points out till the next statement they may send some kind of vouchers for your christmas shop.

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  • I'm in a similar postion though for less points owed, around 600 points. Both my wife and myself bought contract pay monthly Tesco mobile phones several months ago. We provide our clubcard details at times of purchase. We have not received any points. We've tried email / phone call / letter / online live chat to Tesco mobile, we've tried email / phone call to Tesco Clubcard. Tesco mobile say 'they send off request for points'. Where are they sending it? Clubcard or a department of their own? Can't get a straight answer. Just know we keep getting fobbed off and nothing gets done. Clubcard / mobile blame each other. Really annoyed when received our Clubcard statement last month as we had £14.50 in account and always exchange for Red Spooted Hanky reward which is currently 3X value and downgrades to 2X value on 1st December. Result was could only exchange £10 for £30 in RSH train tickets as they do mulltiples of £5. If we had £15 could have got £45. Next time round that extra £5 will only be worth £10 as opposed to £15 currently. Anyway, I digress slightly. Once you've tried all these methods to get points you're owed and entitled to, what do you do as a next step? Maybe find the name of someone higher up in Tesco Mobile and write to him or her direct? As with original poster of this thread, happy to hear suggestions. Thank you.
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    pemberton01, did you ever get tesco to resolve the problem with clubcard points?

    I'm having the same problem and I've just sent another e-mail to tesco.
  • Hi,

    It seems this problem is more widespread. Both myself and my sister have had exactly the same battle. I phoned them recently and they said that they could only backdate them 6 months. I told them they were in breach of contract and I want my points backdated to the date I took out my contract. The operator had to refer to their "concerns" department who very promptly agreed to this and I received a text saying they will be on my next statement. A threat of "breach of contract" or "OK I won't renew my contract with you when it expires" should work.

    A nice little earner for them....They owed me £30.00 in points and my sister £30. How many millions are not checking to see if the points are appearing on their statements.

    It seems even though you register your club card, you don't get the points unless you notice they are not there and kick off !!
  • I have been involved in a similar situation to the above, though have managed to pursue and resolve the issue in one day.

    Having queried where the points were for my last year's worth of Tesco Mobile bills, (three contracts within our family,) I was told that they could only "track back the last 3 months" to add old points. I objected to this and was bounced from pillar to post between Tesco Clubcard and Tesco Mobile.

    I understand from Tesco Clubcard customer services that there has been a "number of similar of issues" and that this lies solely with Tesco Mobile to resolve.

    Armed with this information and that in the forum above, I spoke again with Tesco Mobile and was transferred to "Concerns" having called them on 4455 from my mobile. I simply outlined what I had read above. I told them they were in breach of contract and that I wanted the full points backdated to the beginning of the contract, including the triple points offer that was valid at the time I signed up. I told the (genuinely very helpful) guy in the call centre that unless he could sort it out I'd prefer to speak with someone that could. After a short wait on hold - he came back to tell me that it was resolved, in full, as requested.

    In summary, a polite but firm approach proves you can get your points if you complain strongly enough!
  • Omg this is exactly what has happened to me!!!!!!

    I sympathise with all of you- tesco are trying to get out of paying up.

    Joined tesco mobile on jun 11, for £10 per month contract 500mins/500texts/500mb data signed up my tesco clubacrd against it. I was paying my bills and assumed points had been added, but when i went to exchange my points for train tickets- this year in October 2013, NO points have been added whatsoever.
    I rang up tesco, they said add points on next statement in feb 2012 from nov-12 onwards only and will not backdate- i was thinking of writing a complaint and just saw this thread and everyone in a similar position to me.
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