Anyone used Clearblue Fertility Monitor?

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I've been trying for a baby for 7 months and wondered if it would be worth going for one of these. They've got rave reviews online but I'd be interested to know if any MSE's have tried it?

The cheapest I've seen it is on Amazon for £60.99 and I have £20 Amazon vouchers but it doesn't mention if it includes any sticks which are a few quid more on top. Does anyone know if sticks are included and has anyone seen a better price anywhere?


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    No sticks are not included. You can sometimes get them cheaper on ebay so worth a look there too, nd someone posted on the tic thread they had seen one for £50 in Boots earlier this week but not sure if that is a nationwide offer or a local reduction.
  • I used one and fell pregnant with our son whilst using it. I fell pregnant within three cycles of starting to use it and I think it definitely played a contributing factor in the month I conceived as I reached my peak of ovulation earlier than usual during that particular month and may have missed it if the monitor hadn't told me it was the right time.

    They do not come with the sticks. I used to buy boxes of test sticks off Ebay and there are ways of making the boxes last longer - one box lasted me two cycles and then I bought a secpond box but had only used five sticks when I found out I was pregnant.

    I have kept hold of mine as I will definitely use it again when we decide to try for number two. It is worth bearing in mind that the monitors do fetch good money second hand on Ebay though so you can always sell it afterwards :)
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  • Have you considered trying Agnus Castus? Significantly cheaper, and has worked for many including me. You can get it online or Holland & Barratt etc. HTH
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  • If you just want to know when you are ovulating you can buy much cheaper ovulation tests on ebay or health websites. I buy 10 for around £2.50! Just type opk into google. I buy them from Home Health. You could also sign up to the Fertility Friend website which is free and helps to show you when you ovulate.
  • The thing is with the cheaper ovulation test strips is that they don't actually work on some people. Some people never get a line on them which leads them to think they are not ovulating. They also need to be used everyday whereas the sticks are only used on a CBFM on certain days of your cycle.

    I used the cheap test sticks and fertility Friend website the first time I got pregant (unfortnately ended with a missed miscarriage) so it could be worth giving those a go if money is an issue. I think by time you have paid for the cheaper ones that may not work you may as well invest in the monitor and sell it afterwards - I certainly wouldn't bother with the cheaper sticks again. I did however use the Fertility Friend website both times we were ttc and would recommend that.

    Personally I wouldn't mess about with Agnus Cactus unless you know there is a need for you to use it.
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  • Thanks for all the useful advice :)

    I saw a Persona Starter Kit in Boots today reduced to £30, are these as good as the Clearblue or not? Do they even do the same thing? The Persona seems to market itself as a contraceptive more than a fertility monitor.
  • I don't know much about the Persona I'm afraid so not really sure about that one.
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    I THINK though am not sure that persona is used for contraception and therefore only gives a red light, when there is a chance, however remote, that you might be fertile and a green light when not, whereas CBFM is a fertility monitor so tells you when there is a possibility (high), but highlights the most important days of your cycle (peak) so you can focus your efforts then.

    So with persona if using it to conceive, you might have to dtd every night for around 9 days to be sure you got the right 3 day window when conception is more than a vague possibility, whereas CBFM will spell out exactly when that 3 day window is.
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