MSE News: HomeServe suspends sales amid mis-selling probe

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The home repairs group has halted sales and will retrain nearly 500 staff after discovering possible mis-selling..."


  • I'm hardly surprised about this. I had a policy with them, which I was not renewing. I return from a trip away to find over 20 missed calls from them in less than 3 days. When I did answer a call and took the issue up with them about the number of calls they were dismissive about it. So the "re-training" isn't a shock !
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    Unsurprising, bit of a dodgy lot.
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    All of them have the Scottish Water logo on them with a small print banner beneath saying none of the data was supplied by Scottish water.

    A couple of months ago one said we had been automatically covered for free until sometime in October.

    While I don't mind something for nothing I expect had there been a claim I wouldn't have got very far. Suspect if I put the renewal premium in a savings account that if any claim was to occur, I'd be quids in after 4-5 years.

    These people take money off customers for almost nothing and their hard-sell postal tactics should be investigated alongside the alleged phone mis-selling.
  • My elderly neighbour (in her mid eightees) was with Homeserve and her external pipework burst. The Bochit and Scarper plumbers (if you could even call them "plumbers") insisted on entering her house and instead of actually repairing the problem they messed with the stop tap under her sink so 'violently' that they bent the copper pipework fitting where the stop tap met with the pipework. This little bit of 'malpractice' caused her kitchen to flood after the water was turned back on (they broke the external to mains stop tap so she had to wait for Yorkshire Water to get to her before the water flow could be reinstated - see below). My partner, a good respectable plumber, had to go round at 11:30pm to fix it and stop the flooding since "Botchit and Scarper" insisted that this new internal flooding was nothing to do with them. :mad: Suffice to say my elderly neighbour was distraught and my partner and I were both there late into the night mopping up and fixing the problem.

    When she complained to Homeserve they had the gaul to deny that their subcontractors ever entered her house, even though we had proof that they spoke directly to Yorkshire Water from my neighbour's landline phone, when they were blaming Yorkshire Water for the broken external stop tap which oddly enough, they had broken when they turned the water off at their initial visit.:naughty:

    I would personally never touch Homeserve and am not surprised at this news about their call centre. You can get better service at better value from a plumber you find in Yellow Pages, and they'll get to your emergency just as quick! :T
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    It's always "mis selling" or the odd rogue sales person rather than the company at fault isn't it! ;)

    Isn't the truth that in many sales forces staff are commission and / or target driven & feeling pressured to bring in the sales in order to retain their jobs or get their bonuses. Only when it goes pear shaped do these companies take any real interest in how sales are achieved. How about they make the effort to train their staff to their expectations in the first place instead?
  • Homeserve and Mr Harpin are a disgrace. For years they have been selling my elderly mother-in-law Full Plumbing Cover for her maisonette, and then ringing many times to try and get her to pay 'an upgrade' for sewage pipes. This cost her over £100.
    When she called them, for the first problem, the plumber they sent broke her stop-!!!! and left water flooding/spouting into the front garden, then refused to repair it.
    Mr Harpin failed to respond to a letter addressed directly to him, and their staff just hid behind the terms and conditions, saying 'outside stopcocks and those not regularly serviced are not covered'.
    To top it all, when I read the T&C's their policy DOES NOT EVEN COVER MAISONETTES - yet they knew she lived in a maisonette when they sold her cover!
    Another one for the FSA, I think....
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    definitely one of the more expensive...... even more expensive than british gas
    Promo codes are never always cheaper..... isnt that right EuropCar?
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    Ahh. This all makes sense now. I rang Homeserve this evening to try and obtain a quote. The assistant said they are unable to give quotes as their computers are down at the moment. She advised me look online. When i asked her how long their computers would be down for she replied 'at least two weeks.' (I thought that was a bit strange)
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    I am glad this issue has been raised, I have Homeserve full cover, my toilet was leaking where the drain pipe connects at the joint of the toilet, prior to this I was having to fill up the cistern with water as it wasn't filling up on its own.

    I rang Homeserve who informed me I would have immediately pay £50 excess, so I had to pay over the phone for that before they would even send anyone out. Once the repair man arrived he fixed the leak but he pointed out there was a fault with the cistern mechanism and did I want it fixing, of course I said yes, so he made a call to Homeserve who asked to speak to me, I was gob smacked when they said "oh yes he'll replace the float in the cistern but you'll have to pay another £50 excess as this will be classed as a different job".

    I replied "you must be joking", and of course I declined, so for a leaking toilet it would of cost me £100, given the fact if I would of just picked up the yellow pages and rang any plumber at random I very much doubt he would of charged that, and on top of that my £8.99 per month insurance, I did complain but I got nowhere, Homeserve were good until I believe they were taken over by another company, now they are just rip off merchants.
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    I've just had my home insurance renewal and one of the changes is that Homeserve are no longer the retained contractor for emergency call outs. To change a contract like this will take months to set up so it appears Homeserve weren't providing a very good service for retained insurance conmpanies either.
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