Lloyds TSB PPI Payout Mess - Will you move banks?

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Greetings all,

just a short poll, we've seen the total joke that is Lloyds PPI repayment customer service in action, everyone being given conflicting advice and generally fobbed off with what appears to be often downright lies...

Now, when you finally get paid are you going to stay with them or has this fiasco made you think "hell no" ?

Will you leave Llloyds as a result of the way they have handled your PPI payout? 17 votes

82% 14 votes
17% 3 votes


  • HELL YES!!!!!!!!! My account will be closed as soon as I have rec'd payment and cleared loan. Been loyal to them for 23 years and for what? To be fobbed off and made to wait for MY money to be refunded to me since July......will definitely be losing me as a customer!
  • Been with Lloyds for over 20 years, and until I got the loan I was very happy with them. However, I'm not supporting this bunch of criminals any more.

    The question is: Who to go to?
  • I will be looking to change banks to get away from Lloyds as soon as all my refunds have been made to me.

    We trusted Lloyds over the years, and I have been with them 37 years. Once I have received my PPI refunds from them, I am going to claim for bank charges too, because it I had that extra money in my account going back the years as it should have been, I would not have had to take out credit, re-mortgage etc., and the bank were charging me £30 a day for unpaid direct debits/standing orders. The interest they refund (8%) no way covers for the deeper debt I got into because of their dishonest greedy ways. I still feel so disgusted with Lloyds because we believed they were helping us out in the past - now I realise they were only in it for making more profits for themselves.

    Yes, goodbye Lloyds, I actually hate you......
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    Lloyds TSB customer man and boy 30 years and this is how they treat us.First letter sent 16/5/2011 recieved settlement letter finally 19/09/2011 letter said intrest calculated until 13/10/2011 just another date.When i phoned last week they told me at least another 4 weeks :mad: if nothing happens ring back.We are all profit makers for this bank can't get a straight answer out of them they don't deserve loyal customers :mad:.When i'm sorted out i'm off they've had enough out of me.:T
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    :Dbump .......
  • Hi made my claim for Credit card payment ppi back in May. keep ringing lloyds, told you are being escalated as priority to payments department!!! Im beginning to think the payments department is a figment of their imagination. as I am banging my head against a brick wall
  • I to am leaving lloyds i got my full ppi back today claimee put itn june first letter sept another oct on monday id had enough n email headoffice n rang i was told the same as usual no info dont know when u will get it. So i went into my bank n q up and asked rather loudly y tsb havent honored there agree ment etc i had two screaming babys with me n bank full of customers not sure which worked but something helped good luck xxx
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