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car insurance taking the mick!!!

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car insurance taking the mick!!!

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debred86debred86 Forumite
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hi all!

another post about my poor car! after my accident almost 2 weeks ago my car has now unforunatley (and eventually)been written off! :(

I am finding it awfully difficult gettin anywhere with my insurance company, as i have never had to claim before, just wondering if all insurance companies are this slow/clumsy at dealing with claims or if they are doing it on purpose so they can delay payment for my car.

I have had a number of problems, i am insured with first direct, which is underwritten by equity red star. First of all they are ridiculously slow in doing anything and i have to ring them to check that things have been done. At one point i rang to ask what was happening and they claimed that my address on my policy was different to that on my licence, it wasnt!! once they had the quote for repairs from the garage and promising that i would have the report from an independant engineer by the end of the week, still hadnt heard anything and on the monday the engineer still hadnt been out. I called again on wednesday to be told they had had the report back and it is classed as a total loss so has been passed on to another company. Called the company yesterday, they havent got my details, same again today!

Im getting incredibly stressed out as i dont see what all the hold up is? i dont even have a courtesy car because the garage didnt have one in so ive had to hire one!

Is it just me being paranoid or are they being ridiculously useless!?


  • Is it a non-fault claim?

    They like to drag out claims if it's not your fault, the longer it drags out, the more money they can claim from any 3rd party insurer.......
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  • fivetidefivetide Forumite
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    TBH they like to drag it out if it is your fault. They don't like paying!

    Generally you get a courtesy car if yours is being fixed. If it is written off then it is a no go. Have you checked you can claim these costs back?

    If I were you I'd be scouring the web to find cars with similar miles/age/condition/exact model and getting ready to have a fight over how much they are going to pay you out.

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  • i guess they are classing it as my fault, although i didnt do anything wrong, the car skidded, possibly deisel or something on the road, no other cars were involved and noone injured.

    i dont think i can claim those costs back but i need to get to work so had to be done!

    and yeah i have started looking for similar cars thanks! just fed up with all this hassle!!
  • dacouchdacouch Forumite
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    Follow the advice on your origanal post
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