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I received a ticket in April this year, I appealed it on the grounds that the sign was not facing the road, in fact it was facing 180 towards the shops, my appeal was unsuccessful but still feeling this was unfair i decided to go to an adjudicator, especially as the sign was still facing the wrong way 3 months later!! I lost the adjudication getting a letter saying i now lost the right to pay the reduced amout & had to pay £120, i sent off £60 with a covering letter stating that although it did state if i were to lose the adjudication i would have to pay the higher amount- i personally find this bullying, why should i be punished for my human right to appeal? They are still sticking to their guns but i am prepared to go to court for this as i feel they need to still allow the reduced amout if you have followed their procedure, surely they don't have the right to intimidate people into paying?


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    Did you actually go to see an adjudicator or do you mean you simply completed 2 stages of the appeal? If you have not gone to an adjudicator and just have a Notice of Rejection then it's not too late to appeal to the adjudicator and you may as well. You would not be asked to pay more then they are now asking for and the adjudicator may find in your favour, in which case your money would be refunded. But that's if you have not actually gone to adjudication.

    If you have gone to the adjudicator then you can only ask for a review if he/she 'erred in law'. And most are refused. You must pay the full amount quickly - you played this one wrong I am afraid.

    If you want some more advice, why not post about it in a new topic on pepipoo? Although it's very late in the day to get their help, maybe too late:

    But you would need to make the position clearer and show the posters on that forum, pics of your letters (read some other threads to get the gist of what you must show them, and read the FAQs such as 'how to post pictures' first).

    By the way you cannot seriously waste time going to Court over this, you will not win as they were following statutory processes and you DO have to gamble all or nothing at adjudication. You could report the Council to the Ombudsman if you think they failed in any way - but TBH the procedure is clear(ish) on most Council websites and on the PCN and Notice to Owner so you knew what the position was. It's the same everywhere in England & Wales!

    I just wish you had posted when you first got the PCN. Most people get off Council PCNs when they start with pepipoo's help (the vast majority win).
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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    The full penalty is £120. You could have paid the £60 discount within 14 days. You made an informal appeal , which was refused and you could still have paid the discounted amount. You chose to go to adjudication, which you lost, at which point the full amount is payable.

    If you continue to refuse to pay, the amount owing will increase to £180 and eventually bailiffs will visit and possibly clamp your car with additional fees.
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