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Where To Buy Tarpaulin?

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Greenfingered MoneySaving
Hi all,

As the title says really - I'm after a piece of tarpaulin (or in more than 1 piece - doesn't really matter) approx 20'x20', to cover my quagmire of a garden until such time as the clay 'soil' :rolleyes: dries out enough for me to get my decking down.

Basically, garden was laid to lawn, but soil is that crappy that over the past 7 years it's just died off and i'm gonna deck it asap. But with all this rain, the water is just sitting on top of the clay so it's just like a swamp.

The main problem is that my cats go out the back to do their biz and leave a lovely trail of footprints (on my newly laid cream floor tiles:mad: ) on their return because of the constantly wet ground, so I figured that if I lay some thick tarpaulin down temporarily then at least my floor may look slightly presentable for more than about 20 mins after it's been mopped!

I can't even get to my shed on the other side of the garden because i'd probably either sink or break my neck, it's that slippy!

It's just so annoying because on the odd occasion we get a dry day my poor daughter can't even go out to play on her swing or new bike. :(

Any ideas where the cheapest place is to get it? Bear in mind though that i'll only need it for about 3 months until the weather (hopefully!) improves, so I don't want to spend a fortune.

Or does anyone have any better ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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