MSE News: OFT hits back against heating oil rogues

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"The OFT has taken action to prevent consumers being misled when searching online for heating oil supplies ..."


  • Reaper
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    So no fines to penalise them for all the money they made from all the time the ran deliberately deceptive comparison web sites?

    I can see why they did it when the only response is the OFT saying "don't do it again".

    That's not really "taking action" is it?
  • jamesd
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    The story says "All of the companies above have made the relevant changes to ensure their websites no longer mislead or confuse consumers" yet fuelfighter's site currently has this on the front page:

    "By scanning the market we can help you find the best heating oil prices in the UK today through our services at Fuelfighter. Simply type in a quote, where you would like it delivered to and the liquid volume of the order (minimum of 500 litres) and we will offer you our best prices for your requirements. Our customers are incredibly important to us, and we will provide an instant, no-nonsense quote showing you the best heating oil prices alongside a variety of delivery options. ... We want to keep oil costs low across the UK, and we feel one of the best ways to do this is to direct our visitors to the cheapest heating oil prices in the UK. ... By sourcing a fuel provider local to your area, the tanker dispatched will have to travel a shorter distance to reach you"

    And in a 30 August 2011 blog entry:

    "Fuel Fighter can help you source the cheapest heating oil suppliers without the need for time consuming research contacting the companies individually. Our site provides a comprehensive comparison for your oil requirements. ... Fuel Fighter can enable you to find the optimum kerosene prices from reliable suppliers."

    This leaves me puzzled.
  • fyr
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    edited 10 September 2011 at 8:07AM
  • raider
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    Would this thread be better posted in "LPG & Heating" rather than "Gas & Electricity"?
  • Nelliepeg
    Us Domestic Heating Oil users are held 'over a barrell' with these companies they raise and lower their prices at will its like russian roulette ordering a fill up! Where do we find a good genuine comparison website? I am a newbie !
  • kar999
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    Nelliepeg wrote: »
    Where do we find a good genuine comparison website? I am a newbie !

    Welcome to the forum. I have always telephoned a list of 6 or 7 suppliers in my area, the big boys and the independants. it takes less than 5 minutes and you'll find a variation of anything up to 5p a litre. Once you've got your quotes get back on the phone and haggle, playing the cheapest off against each other. It's worked for me for 20 years and has ALWAYS been 2 or 3p cheaper than Boilerjuice's best price.

    (Agreed this thread should be in the other forum)
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  • silver.squirrell
    I have been hedging my bets the last 9 months checking to see if oil prices were going up or down. In the main i have found they have gone down. But what I have found to be consistent is that Boilerjuice always come up with a higher price than even the small firms in my area. Today the cheapest one was 53.5p, all the other firms quoted 55.5p - 56p, boiler juices CHEAPEST prices was 58.75p. (during the summer they were quoting more than 10p more per ltr than the next cheapest firm) I have decided before I go too grey to book the oil but not via Boilerjuice!

    Happy oil hunting!
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