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Quick bit of advice needed please.

My old desktop died about 18 months ago and was replaced by a laptop. The desktop's hard drive has been removed and is now acting as a backup hard drive for the laptop.

I'm having a tidy up and have decided it's about time I threw away the old desktop as it's just gathering dust.

My question is do I need to do anything to it before I take it to the council recycling centre? As the hard drive has been removed I'm assuming there is no longer any personal data on the desktop but just wanted to double check with someone who knows more about these things than me!



  • All information is stored on the hard drive, so you're safe to just take it to the tip.
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    Why not offer it on Freecycle or Realcycle? Someone might want it for parts and it saves you having to get it to the tip!
    :A Thanks to all the lovely people who contribute their advice! :A
  • That will be fine as all your information was on your HDD and no where else, all the other components are like roads between the HDD and your screen/keyboard/mouse/DVD drive etc.

    I might be able to take it off your hands, depending on your location of course, as Im just getting into the Technology.
    Tech Savvy Student trying to help and learn
    all while being Money Conscious
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