Care providers in the home

My inlaws already have carers coming in to help them, but my FIL now needs extra help in the evenings, which the current company does not have the manpower to supply (they are quite a small local firm - very good indeed).

We are therefore going to get a second care supplier to cover the extra visits. The first care firm will give us a list of care companies, but won't give an opinion about whether they are good or bad...

So, does anyone know if there is a review site for care companies? We are reluctant to just pick one at random.


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    If they are registered with the Care Quality Commission, then they will have inspections (think Ofsted ...) Whether that will tell you anything useful is a moot point, but it's somewhere to start at least.
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    Thanks - I am looking through some reports now - very useful indeed.
  • Just a quick suggestion before you set your heart on a care agency, care in the community is usually provided by the care agency that are the zone provider, this zone may be shared between 2 agencies. Therefore if the care is provided via the social worker then the care agency will be the zone provider and of course a new assessment will be required to obtain funding. If however you are paying privately then although you get to 'choose' which agency again zone providers do not normally provide care for service users out of their zone. There are care agencies who are not zone providers to the council and therefore provide care everywhere, however I would always suggest you go to a care agency via recommendation. CQC is a good starting point (agree with savvy) however I have read some stunning reports for agencies that I would not let near my nearest and dearest - remember most inspections are pre-arranged!!
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