MSE News: Sky and the AA are easiest to haggle with



  • Tony1973
    Tony1973 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Read the email, phoned Virgin (my broadband provider), asked for a better deal on broadband and got upgraded to 20MB free, no arguments. Well pleased. I didn't even threaten to leave. All very British and civilised what what!
  • Blackdownman
    Blackdownman Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I have haggled for years. I have only paid half price for about 6 years. I simply tell them I want to cancel and they then look for offers. I once did cancel when I was not offered anything. When I re-joined I got all sorts of deals, like free Sky+.

    Oh and since you now have to pay to phone them from a BT landline, I e-mail them and tell them I want to complain and give them my numbers to call me. They do!

    One needs to be prepared to keep ones nerve and not chicken out!
  • kellyveness
    kellyveness Forumite Posts: 4
    Ninth Anniversary Combo Breaker
    After reading the newsletter today, i called up and told them i couldnt afford to pay £44 a month as well as the money for sky protect. the lady simply checked my account and ended up offering me 25% discount for a whole year as well as saying she could save me more money if i transferred my phone and broadband over to sky aswell.
  • spurs_girlie
    spurs_girlie Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    i wish i could haggle a deal with sky, we do not have virgin media around our area so i cant ring and say we going elsewhere?
    any ideas anyone?
    we have hd, multi-room and entertainment but want to add movies and maybe sports but that would push it up to 75 quid a month!!!!

    I don't have Virgin Media in my area either but I called SKY tonight and blagged it, told them I was thinking of switching to Virgin as their tv/broadband pack was a lot cheaper than what I am currently paying SKY. They've given me 25% discount for 12 months on my tv package and ESPN free for 3 months. They've also given me a better deal on my broadband and phone package, saving me another £7 a month.
    I then called TalkTalk to tell them I was switching my phone to SKY, they offered my £5 off my monthly bill for a new 12 month contract but I declined as SKY offered a better deal and they couldn't beat it. :j
  • Dazzieb
    Dazzieb Forumite Posts: 23 Forumite
    Signed up for the AA last year for Roadside & Relay through Quidco and got the deal for a very good rate (£56 I think it was) + Cashback through Quidco.

    Came to the renewal this year and the AA wanted £118 for the same Service, I called them and said it was too high, they said that was the cost, I told them it was way out of my budget and that I wanted to cancel and would go to the RAC as I could get a good deal with them + Cashback. They put me through to their 'Cancellations Dept' who said they could see that I got a really good rate last year that they couldn't match. However, they said if I could afford another £2 on top of last years rate they would renew it.

    I did ponder a bit (you have to make it seem as authentic as poss ;)) and then accepted :D, done deal.

    I am sure you probably could do better but I was more than happy with the result.
  • Lakeuk
    Lakeuk Forumite Posts: 1,084
    Part of the Furniture
    Everyone I know always haggles with Sky as it's a luxury service that they can easily do without and they only stay because the haggled deal is peanuts.

    Sky's abit like insurance milk those loyal customers who will pay any amount to pass on as loss leading deals - at the end of the day it's subscriber counts that shareholders react to
  • macwah97
    macwah97 Forumite Posts: 126 Forumite

    Just off phone with sky and telling no lies - I have got 6month's half price, plus full sky sports and movies for £26.00. We have Sky+ and MultiRoom as well!!!! Whoopee!!

    Told them we had just got super douper BT Infinity and were being badgered to take on Vision and all its extras including Sky Sports, explained that having been with them for 10 years did not want to leave but money being what it is we needed some good options to make us stay. Guy on end of phone himmed and haahed then said 6 month 1/2 price or add on sports and movies for free. I asked was there nothing else and could he not do the whole lot for the 6mths half price - and the man from Sky - he said YES!!!
    Live as cheaply as possible
    Current debt £85k (includes mortgage):(
    Taxman £7500 :mad: bank of FiL 760 Simply B 945 Jacamo 150 Ccs 3000
    A lurker not a shirker, part-time worker and carer for DH (recovering from Cancer and recently diagnosed as a Diabetic with Heart problems) and DS who is suffering from MH issues
    £1 a day Xmas 2015 7/364
  • pambur
    pambur Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I was being charged £26 a month for my broadband. Saw it online for £21 a month.I rang them up and they reduced my payment.
  • burnout
    burnout Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
    We use Virgin Media for our Phone and broadband. Came to the end of the contract and were going to move to plusnet who unfortunately couldn't port our number. Virgin disconnections offered to match the plusnet monthly price, so we've now got "L" Broadband and "XL" TV for £22 a month. No hassle at all!

    I've currently got

    L broadband
    XL TV
    Phone line
    Sky Sports
    V+ HD Box

    Been with them for 20 months and am now paying £87.90 quid a month.

    Costed up sky and it's coming in at about £70 for the same thing. Spent 30 mins on the phone to disconnections and the best he could offer was to drop the broadband to M and it would be £70.40 a month. I don't really like the virgin box, find it laggy and hard to navigate around compared to Sky.

    Anyone think a better deal is to be had from them? All i've basically been offered is a reduction in the level in broadband and priced accordingly.
  • donal_f
    donal_f Forumite Posts: 92 Forumite
    I then called TalkTalk to tell them I was switching my phone to SKY, they offered my £5 off my monthly bill for a new 12 month contract but

    After reading this week's email and the above post, I called TalkTalk and said I was considering moving to Sky. After pushing him a couple of times and a consultation with his manager, he reduced my current tariff from a total of £25.40 a month to £17.10. In addtion, the new version of my tariff also includes 0845 and 0870 numbers. Very happy!
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