MSE News: Sky and the AA are easiest to haggle with

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"Millions get a better price when having the nerve to ask for money-off when negotiating a new deal ..."
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Sky and the AA are easiest to haggle with

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  • kingkano
    kingkano Forumite Posts: 1,977
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    How do you haggle with an energy provider?? Ask for cheaper unit prices?? Cant imagine this is possible?
  • maka_2
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    doubt you will get money off the unit price they may tell you thats what they will do for you just so you sign up to a price fix, but never gonna happen, they may offer you things like extra clubcard points something like that or even some energy saving light bulbs.

    have to say I have got nowhere dealing with the aa my car insurance is up on monday but got nothing
  • Ed_Jogg
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    It is worth giving it a go.

    I used to have ADSL Broadband through Madasafish. Minimum contract had expired, but still paying the same rate of course. I realised that new customers were paying many % less per month, had a 6-month half-price discount and were given a wireless router (mine was USB). So, I rang them to say I was thinking of moving supplier, and in return for signing-up to a new 12mth contract, I got cheaper monthly prices, 6-mth discount and a new router.

    The important thing is that I had to ask them, or I'd still be on the same rate now.
  • Butti
    Butti Forumite Posts: 5,012
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    I told the AA that I was going to not renew due to having no job. They dropped the offer down to a one call out for the year for £15. This seems pretty good as I drive a Yaris and it is super reliable (touch wood).

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  • RosemaryK
    RosemaryK Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    My main haggling success story has been with 02 - I was paying £20 per month for 600 free minutes and unlimited texts per month for my main contract and then took out a second contract for £10 per month (the first was suspended for a month - at my request - as my mobile was stolen & I wanted to keep the same number), for 300 minutes & unlimited texts for 12 months. As soon as the 12 months was up I cancelled the smaller contract & told 02 I'd leave if they couldn't do me a better deal on my mobile contract, as I am unemployed student who also looks after my Mum (who has Alzheimer's Disease) full-time & have zero income at present. They immediately almost halved my mobile contract price to £10.50 per month, while still keeping the original 600 mins/texts price, gave me a refund of 2 month's payments (to cover the overpay since the renewal of my previous contract before the changeover) & also a £50 Amazon voucher, which enabled me to get a free external hard-drive and new mouse...result! The other bargain I negotiated, rather than haggled, was with my car insurance. Having been 'insulted' by having my previous insurers (Equity Red Star) up my premium by over £200 - due to my being involved in a small accident, caused by a driver who did not stop after causing me to swerve (to avoid a head-on collision) & skid into a parked car - and following Martin's great advice, I went through TopCashBack & to Kwik-fit insurance, saving over £188 and getting more than £45 cashback, making it cheaper than last year's insurance and protecting my no-claims bonus of 12 years to boot!
  • tracydanmaci
    tracydanmaci Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Hi thank you so much for your money tips email I have just rung sky and even though I had the basic package i.e tv, broadband, phone and phone line which was coming in at about £48 a month they have now reduced this to £36 a month for 6 months which is a great help I didn't think it would work as I did ring them two months ago to try to get it reduced but they said no so I used your tips and it worked thanks again keep up the good work
  • 16pinter
    16pinter Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    For quite a few years I have been covered for my car with Saga. Every year they send me the renewal notice and I go on all the Compare sights and look for a like-for-like. This has always been cheaper than saga. I then ring them up and point this out and tell them that I would like to stay with them but what can they do to match this price. The operator will then usually put me on hold and come back and match the price or sometimes better it. This has saved me between £80 and £100 on my Car Insurance. They are not so good on House and Contents Insurance however.:T
  • tracylong
    tracylong Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    its true - it works - in April 2010 the AA quoted me £137 for breakdown cover, i haggled and got the exact same cover for £87 - then in April 2011 they wrote to me again quoting £144 for the cover the year, i ignored the 2 reminders which were sent which prompted them to ring me, they asked why i didnt want to renew, I was straight with them 'its too dear' was my reply, especially bearing in mind the price I paid in 2010 !!!! He asked if they cut the price, would I renew, i said I would think about it - he asked what I was prepared to pay, my response being i dont know, you make me an offer !!!! He suggested a really good price cut down from £144 to £135 which I laughed at and said that i didnt think so, I told him that a quote from a similar company was £90 for the year and told him if he could match that or beat it, I would stay - after a bit more haggling, he came back with a quote of £67 for the year - goes to show that the more you try the more you get - you have NOTHING to lose
  • Iduno
    Iduno Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    i had a promotion phone call from Sky they started saying how loyal I have been and feel that long term customers don't get get the best deals and these always seem to go to new customers. I began wondering what they were going to offer me. She asked me how I would like free sports inc ESPN. I explained I am not a sports fan and can you offer me something else like reduce my package price. I was given another number to call. He then explained he can offer me half price sky inc broadband and phone for 6 months. This I excepted and am very pleased with the offer. He then said as I have now got half price Sky i could get half price sports but I politely refused.:j
  • parkview094
    parkview094 Forumite Posts: 20 Forumite
    We came to the end of our 12 month contract with Sky and rang up to cancel. We liked the Sky+ functionality but couldn't justify the monthly charge. Explained this to the disconnect department, now we're paying just £10 a month for the new basic package with Sky+. Very pleased!
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