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Ann Summers Rep?

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Anyone do this or have advice about it?
Im currently a self employed beauty therapist and wanted something part time to work around it and i thought ann summer reping would be great.

But want to hear from others who have worked/or work for ann summers now x


  • Hi!

    I did Ann Summers for a year, and had to stop as it was costing me money. The parties were fun, but having to do a weekly phone in with my TL was a pain..always engaged and got shouted at if I didnt phone in! They really put pressure on you for sales. Some parties I did were just awful - people ordered but never paid, sat there smoking drugs and complained when I walked out. The worts one I did was in a pub. I was so excited as there were loads of people there. It turned out that the host was about to become a rep, had just received her stock box and was using me as a training party. all the customers placed orders with her! I only found out as one of the customers felt sorry for me as she knew what was happening!

    Some women in the team made thousands, but I honestly have no idea how. I never made a penny!
  • Hi, I used to be a rep, and it was the best, I used to make a fortune. I fell pregnant soon after becoming a rep so after I gave birth I decided I wanted to give it up and spend more time at home with my new born. After 6 months of doing it I was nearly able to go for my Team Leader position if I'd have wanted to...... But, the parties are only as good as you make them.....(if you don't make it fun etc) then you wont get the sales... You also make money from holding raffles and playing games, I used to make my prices i.e huge chocolate willies or selling the cheap things that Ann Summers used to offer as specials whilst placing your orders etc.

    There are loads of games to play, and not including the ones that are suggested in the reps manual (they're a bit lame). Also when you first start out, you wont have that much stock. You'll find the ones that make the money hold a lot more stock. But this comes in time, also it pays to sell off old stock and keep rotating the stock.

    There is good money to be made, but it works from word of mouth and if your parties aren't good then no one will rebook. You give the party holder an incentive to get you more parties, i.e a freebie once the last party has been held. Or a percentage off of her order at the last party. Never give her the incentive until the last party has been held otherwise you'll be out of pocket. It all depends how dedicated you are.

    Most team leaders are really helpful, but obviously you do get those that aren't.

    Try holding a party and speak to the rep, that way she will get a rep point for introducing you too.

    You can make a lot of money out of it but it all depends how dedicated you are.

    I hope I've helped.

  • Thanks for your reply , can i just ask a few more questions if you dont mind?

    How do you get paid?
    And whats the average you can earn?
    Is it all commission based?
    And do you buy all your own stock?
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