Tracking software for phones and laptops

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Tracking software for phones and laptops

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i came across some software which tracks your laptop if it's ever stolen. I have installed on my PC and it seems great. Its called prey project, i wanted to know what people think of it. It works for some mobiles too.

website: http://preyproject.com/

Also i come across some software which blackberry give away free and have installed on all new devices (e.g. bold 9900) which is called blackberry protect. You can install it from the bb app world. Again this is brilliant because this program allows you to locate you phone from your laptop, send messages to it, lock it, delete data from it etc.. You can even make it sound an alarm so if u misplace it, u can make it alarm all from ur laptop (even when silent)



Official MoneySavingExpert insert: We’ve been in touch with Prey and it says the software is free and will remain so, though, if you want to protect more than three devices, you’ll have to upgrade to a ‘pro’ account. Thanks to Asaad for posting.



  • Thanks.

    If you have a Samsung phone on Android then checkout samsungdive it's the best traking software for phones I have used. It's better than most because the tracking software is actually embeded in the phone and isn't installed via an app.
  • geordie_bengeordie_ben
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    I have Anti DT on my Android HTC Desire... seems to work pretty well
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  • epm-84epm-84
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    Doesn't the phone or laptop need to be turned on to work?
  • sarah1972sarah1972
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    still available http://preyproject.com/

    Prey lets you keep track of your laptop, phone and tablet whenever stolen or missing easily and all in one place. It's lightweight, open source software that gives you full and remote control, 24/7.

    How it works
    Basically you install a tiny agent in your PC or phone, which silently waits for a remote signal to wake up and work its magic.

    This signal is sent either from the Internet or through an SMS message, and allows you to gather information regarding the device's location, hardware and network status, and optionally trigger specific actions on it
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  • DerkDerk
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    You can get the same tracking functions from the AVGFREE Antivirus app; PLUS you get anti-virus protection for your phone.
  • xgingerxxgingerx
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    if your laptop or phone is stolen, they would format all data so really don't see the point in this to be honest.
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  • margymargy
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    i agree they if the phone / laptop is stolen they would format them, it happened to my i pad i had find my i pad / i phone installed and it was not traceable
  • If you've got an iOS device (iPhone, Ipod, iPad), you can install the "Find my iPhone" app, which does much the same. You can get the device to display messages, and even wipe it remotely if you're worried.

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  • RachyD_3RachyD_3
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    Amazing, thank you!
  • stefanostefano
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    The big question really is: does preyproject.com/ really work?
    Has anyone have first hand experience?
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