MSE News: Beware tax scam that falsely uses MSE's name

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"Consumers in Suffolk should beware a scam from a company illegally claiming to be us ..."


  • Article wrote:
    The company, whose true identity is unknown, has also falsely claimed to be representing the 'Ministry of Finance', when there is no such department in the UK.
    I think you will find the whole government is the Ministry of Finance lol

    (well at least the parts not more interested in social engineering than money lol)
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    Which will we run out of first, brazen scammers or gullible marks?

    I'm guessing the answer is "neither".
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  • I thought it might be interesting to know, This has also reached the shores of Australia. I am the founder of "Saving Money" an australian personal finance blog. I have had numerous phone calls from concerned consumers checking this out because they find my site by typing in similar search terms. On further investigation it seems they are claiming they are based in Sydney and offering a similar scam, to turn 295 dollars into 40000... So any Aussie readers, be warned!
  • Funnily enough I live in Suffolk and other companies have been contacting colleagues for tax rebate. The person had to fill in a form online with her bank details then right at the bottom it asked for their pin number. She phoned the tax office to find out her suspision was correct and it was a spam company.
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    I love scams!!! they are indeed quite funny to read :)
    Best was the one i had last week, saying i was allowed into the US to be a resident as part of there green card lotto system.... all seemed legit, with a spoofed mail address and so on.....
    The cost was £879 which got me a place to live and a job straight away, etc etc, all i had to do was pay the US embassy in London (proper address) and hey presto, were onto a roll! :D:D
    Now hopefully, for the other people that get this email, i hope there brains kick in when it says "GOTO YOUR WESTERN UNION MONEY shop and pay some cash" to complete your application, and realise the email is written by a retard! :D:D
  • Well you've finally made it!
    When the scammer start to use your legit name you must be deemed high profile enough for the scam-scum to use it.
    In a way it's a compliment - fools are using MSE's name because it's a well known, and trusted marque.

    KevinTC :)
  • Recently on a visit to Cumbria to see my Mum (Age 72) she was being hassled by someone claiming to be giving her £3600.00 tax rebate for paying her gas and electricity on time. The man on the phone was very pushy and told her to buy UKcash vouchers, even giving her the name and address of the places selling them, and insisting she then give him the code of the vouchers. He even offered her cash and said he would deliver it in person quoting her address, name etc. This was upsetting for my Mum.
    Elderly people could easily be taken in by such scams.
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    I've had countless people phone up about various scams, normally the e-mail ones that are supposed to be from HMRC and it is absolutely amazing how many people actually fill in their bank details and send them off.

    They're normally phoning to ask why they have had no money only for me to have to tell them what the true story is.

    In this day, with all the warnings that are given in the media, on the internet, even by your own bank in numerous leaflets etc, I have to say I have no sympathy with anyone who falls for these scams (other than the elderly).
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