MSE News: Supermarkets continue to cut petrol prices

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  • Sainsbury in Crawley was still £1.39.9 (diesel) this evening. I don't need any at the moment as I filled up at nearby Tesco recently. 10p a litre off because I bought the coffee and washing powder that I normally buy. It meant that the coffee was almost free.
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    All supermarkets and petrol stations in my town appear to be £135.9; however a few miles down the road there is a variation in prices - between £130.9 (Morrisons) to £135.9 (Shell). Unfortunately, our Morrisons doesn't have a petrol station so we are stuck with what looks suspiciously like price fixing where I live.
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    dbt1910 wrote: »
    Interesting news, but the staff at our local Tesco (Uttoxeter) were changing the filling station signs to effect a 1p per litre increase at the pump on Saturday (13.8), so that diesel was 140.9 pence per litre, with a corresponding increase in the cost of petrol!
    I'm not aware if they've decreased prices since then.

    Yes, I noticed their increase last week and as of yesterday, when driving past, it was still 140.9/litre.
    Nearby Shell (just off the A50) are a penny cheaper.
    So the OP "news" is somewhat misleading.:(

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    In May this year, £1 was worth $1.67. Right now, £1 is worth $1.63. That is a 2.4% drop.
    Actually there has been no change of any significance in the exchange rate during this period.

    If you go to and look at the currency charts for the period you will see what I mean. During May the pound ranged from $1.67 down to $1.61 and it was only above $1.65 for three days of the month.

    This is just the big business cartel telling us "**** off, we will do what we like". They know that they are making mugs of us, the government knows that they are making mugs of us, the consumer organisations know that they are making mugs of us but still it goes on.

    Decide for yourself why it is allowed. :mad:

    Oh, and does anyone remember petrol prices being cut when the pound dropped to $1.56 in December (a much more significant change)?

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    Good news but the Tesco nearest to me right now is 131.9p/L, whilst the closer Asda is still better at 130.7p/L.
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