Can we have a sticky sale of goods act or consumer rights thread?

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Just a reminder that about the Consumer Rights article on the main site.

Back to the thread.....

On this board please?
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  • Rex_MundiRex_Mundi Forumite
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    I've got no problems with putting a sticky like this on the board (I think it is a good idea). If people use this thread for suggestions of wording etc, I can collect this together to make one post, and stick this. If anyone quotes from another site, please remember to provide a link to the site you are quoting from (this covers copyright issues). I think also, any relevent consumer rights sites could be linked to for a quick reference for people.

    Any views on whether people think the thread should be locked (people cant post on it), or open for replies would be helpful as well.

    Any suggestions for a good clear title could be handy as well.

    I'll stick this thread for a while to see what responses we get. Once all the info is in, I'll unlock this thread, and stick the finished thread at the top of the board.
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  • BettiePageBettiePage Forumite
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    Thanks for taking up the suggestion.
    I'm sure that others will have some great suggestions too?

    How about and for starters?
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  • Mrs_B_12Mrs_B_12 Forumite
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    I think an info sticky that can't be posted on and then one that can be replied to would be a good idea. Often good info on the first page can get buried and forgotten if it's replied to lots.
  • gyzmogyzmo Forumite
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    sounds a good idea - i certainly think it should be locked so that the information is easy to find. i also think that care needs to be taken, as such a website as this can only give a general overview of the law relating to consumer rights. the last thing needed is for someone to lose out, or worse, sue, due to action taken. I also feel that any thread should hav a referral link to the likes of Consumer Direct / CAB etc for people to get professional advice. It is amazing how many people are not aware of such organisations.
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  • stugibstugib Forumite
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    Rex_Mundi wrote:
    Any views on whether people think the thread should be locked (people cant post on it), or open for replies would be helpful as well.

    I've previously suggested a completely separate board from Vent for Consumer Rights/What Can I Do? questions, but nothing came of it. I still think this would be a good idea as these kind of questions are spread around the whole forum, and then moved over here by the mods because Vent probably isn't the most obvious title when people are looking to post their questions. There's also users I've seen recently on other boards within MSE that seem to have good knowledge of SOGA etc that unfortunately I've never seen on the Vent board.

    But w.r.t. this, I think it's a good idea, and I'd vote to keep it locked, because, as with the consumer rights thread in one of the other boards, people just keep posting problems and answers to the one thread and everything gets mixed up. Keep it for links, FAQs, typical scenarios etc.
  • JEG1965JEG1965 Forumite
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    My favourite provision in the Sale of Goods Act is section 48A. If you buy something and it breaks within six months the onus is now on the seller to show that the problem didn't exist when they sold it to you.

    It used to be up to the consumer to show this. The fact is that it's effectively impossible to prove this and so there's almost a presumption that a flaw arising (and brought to the attention of the seller) within 6 months of purchase existed at the time of purchase. Now that impossible task is the seller's resposibility!

    I don't think it works with private sellers though but e.g. a car dealer is subject to this as are second hand goods.

    The remedies include repair, reduction in original purchase price and replacement (though check these as this is from memory).
  • suegw46suegw46 Forumite
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    Great idea!!!
    Should be fixed though, as good info can be difficult to find at the time you need it unless someone comes along with the right info you need. Above links to web sites are a great starter.
  • BettiePage wrote: »
    Thanks for taking up the suggestion.
    I'm sure that others will have some great suggestions too?

    How about and for starters?


    I just posted on the good experiences forum.... as I have just used consumer direct and they were fantastic over the phone with advice and where I stood on the matter.

    Only thing is, find out the direct number to your local branch as calling an 087 number from a mobile is expensive. They appreciate this though and offer to give you a local call number to help you out.
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