Poor signal on Freeview box

in Scotland
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I've had a poor signal on quite a few channels on my Freeview Box. BBC is fine, but ITV, channel 4, E4 and quite a few others has a very low signal and the picture distorts.

I live in the west of Edinburgh and just wondered if there was a current problem in this area. I've been using my freeview box for years and it's been fine on every channel - just had this problem a few weeks. I've tried retuning and that doesn't work.

Would be grateful if anyone has ideas.



  • stroodesstroodes Forumite
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    we are Glasgow south and have that problem, fortunately we have sky but on other tv's in the house we are having to retune a lot. hoping its just a teething problem.
  • AprilLadyAprilLady Forumite
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    I live in south west Edinburgh and I've been having some problems with my Freeview box since the switchover - I couldn't get all the channels I used to be able to get. I moved flats last week (just 3 doors down from my last place) and the reception was terrible - I could only get a few channels, and what I had kept distorting. I asked other people in the building if they'd had the same problem, and they suggested trying a different aerial cable, so I bought a gold plated one and I'm now able to receive more channels, but some of them still distort and I still can't get channels like E4 + 1 or Dave, which I used to be able to get. I'm not very impressed really - somehow I thought Freeview would be fine after the switchover and there wouldn't be so many problems! Like stroodes said, let's hope it's a teething problem and things get better!
  • podpersonpodperson Forumite
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    I'm on the west side of Edinburgh and have been having issues with my freeview box - lost a lot of the channels I used to have on it. Have now discovered that they have reappeared but in a totally different place - so my bbcs are now in the middle of my random shopping channels right at the top! Very confusing :(
  • jasmin10jasmin10 Forumite
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    My freeview box has been dire since the switchover and retune. We have lost all the ITV's, channel 4 and 5. I keep retuning but never get it. It's been like this since the first retune. I know it is the box tho and have bought another since which was the same. Not only that my DD has a tv with freeview built in and hers is fine. So I just have to wait I guess until we can afford a new tv with built in freeview. Dont know about you but I have even reset it completely and checked for new software in the settings - zilch. :(

    I'm in the East Midlands btw.
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  • dc_scotlanddc_scotland Forumite
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    There is a lot of info on the official DigitalUK switchover site:

    In the FAQs section I can see similar issues to those mentioned here, and it is being put down to aerials needing upgraded, or some older Freeview boxes having missed software updates over the years.

    Hopefully there may be explanations or solutions to some of your problems there.
  • jasmin10jasmin10 Forumite
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    i wish mine were that simple, I have had a new aerial fitted so I now it's not that, I called them out to to check to make sure it hadnt moved to no avail unfortunately. :(
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  • fluffynitfluffynit Forumite
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    We keep losing itv/stv and C4. Been going on for about 4 weeks, we are in the south side of Edinburgh.
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