can I really not use an oven liner?

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I recently got a new freestanding cooker, which has a multifunction oven (ie can switch fan off, make it be grilled etc etc) which has catalytic liners on the sides back and top, but not the base...
I used to use one of these but they say not to use in ovens with an element it the base, which my new one does.

Does anyone use one anyway? (or tin foil-the other option-a no-no according to the manual?)

Its only 3weeks old and already the bottom has stuff on it I can't scrub off!:(


  • taxsaver
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    Unless you want you lovely new oven to have melted plastic on the bottom then you really shouldn't use one of those liners I'm afraid. I use an old grill pan that slides into the bottom of the oven just nicely and can them be easily removed for a thorough scrub every now and again.
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    You can put the oven liner on the shelf at the bottom of the oven - that should catch all the drips and not be in contact with the element.
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    I tend to just put an old baking sheet at the bottom of the oven to catch anything that falls, saves the bottom of the oven and no chance of it melting!!!

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    ooops !
    I too have a multi function oven with a base element and I have been using the exact same oven liner since last November in it as I did not see any instructions not to. I just swapped it over from my old cooker. Neither the oven liner nor my cooker seems to have come to any harm though, so I think I will continue with it in place as it certainly keeps the oven floor clean.
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    Tin foil will block the heat from radiating so well in this type of oven. The other liners may do the same or even be damaged by such intense heat.

    My oven has a gas burner under the metal plate in the bottom. Spills do get burnt on very quickly. But I just spray with mr muscle foam cleaner and it dissolves easily enough. Scrubbing is futile however.
  • hardpressed
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    When the bottom element in my oven went, I was told never to put anything directly on the bottom of the oven as the element then gets too hot and can burn out. I often used to use the bottom as another shelf! So now if there is something that is likely to boil over I stand it in the grill pan then put it on the shelf.
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