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Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section...

I have an air rifle I would like to dispose of...Ideally I would like to sell it as it cost about £300 a few years ago. I'm very reluctant to sell it though as I wouldnt want it to go on to be used to injure/harm anything or anyone.

Are they legal to sell on or do I need to take it to a police station and hand it in?

Advice would be great.



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    Thre are specialist air gunning websites you could sell on such as, google is your friend :-)
    IIRC you cant sell to under 18s, Ebay wont let you sell on there, also you could sell in the loot etc, or used to be able to.
    What is the make and model?
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    alot of gun shops will buy it off you,normaly found in rural areas (sorry dont know where your from) if not they will be more than happy to take and destroy, but a £300 air rifle i would think would have a good resale value,
  • Well its a SMK .22 air rifle (not sure of the exact model) but it is definately SMK and has a Konishot scope, gun sling, target kit etc.

    I live in Devon. Sent out an email to a few gun shops so we will see what happens. Thanks for your help.
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    You'll get a better price for it through the air gunning websites. Also as they are enthusiasts there is a lesser chance it will fall in to th wrong hands. Also the deal would be concluded face to face and the regulars/mods on there would give you help/advice/estimate of price etc
  • Good idea to take it into a police station unwrapped..
  • Entirely upto you if you wish to dispose of it. But I would sell it and yes it is legal, and no you cannot sell to an under 18, you could advertise it locally in the free-ads and meet the buyer face to face if you are that concerned about it falling into the wrong hands.
  • funnyguy wrote: »
    Good idea to take it into a police station unwrapped..

    lol..cant say I agree. Thanks everyone for the input. I think I will try and sell it first.
  • Some local papers will accept adverts for rifles, but they tend to put measures in place to ensure they can't fall into the wrong hands. The paper I worked for would only allow Box Number responses (the simple act of having to write a letter will deter many people who aren't genuinely interested), and people had to show copies of their licence as well.
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  • License for what? It's an air rifle it doesnt need one.

    I didn't like to say but I think having it disposed of is craziness and I think the police would be pretty surprised too.
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    CraftyHen wrote: »
    License for what? It's an air rifle it doesnt need one.

    That's not strictly correct, most air weapons won't require a licence, but if the rifle has power over 12 foot pound force and 6 foot for pistol, then it is classed as section 1 firearm so would need licence.
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