Cat not eating! Please help!

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I have 3 cats but 1 of them is off her food. She has been suffering from fleas badly for 2 weeks or so, just cant get rid of them. So much dirt comes off her and I brush her every day!!

She seems really depressed, not really purring (but she picks up when I brush her). She sniffs her food and she IS drinking and when everyone was in bed last night I heard her run up the stairs! (there is energy in there somewhere!)

Could it be heat related? Flea related? We recently ripped up a carpet in our living room and are yet to replace it and the living room has been moved around, could this contribute?

Just so you know shes going to the vet in the morning but I just wanted some advice!
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  • Can't really offer advice other than to see the vet which you're already doing.

    If she has a bad flea infestation then she could be anaemic, but it could also be something else so best not to speculate.

    Have you treated all your cats for fleas? Even if you can't see them on the other cats you must treat them all or they will just re-infest each other. You also probably need to treat your house with a special insecticide such as Indorex or Acclaim. Your vet should be able to talk you through all of that and supply the products.
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    Eating is normally the first thing to go in a stressed cat. She has fleas and you're doing some home rennovations so she's probably feeling a bit low and, just like us, they don't feel like eating when they're stressed. Firstly, I would get those fleas under control. Get a vet-strength flea treatment and treat every cat in the household, wash everything that is washable on a high heat wash and get some sort of household treatment (Indoorex, RIP etc). This sounds like a big infestation so you'll have to be vigilant in getting everything treated and bear in mind it may take a couple of treatments to get it back in check.

    I think it's a good idea to take her to the vet to just double check there's nothing medical underlying her behaviour. You mentioned she's drinking which is a good thing- if she's an outdoor cat should she be getting food somewhere else? I would be inclined to tempt her with her absolute favourite food- tuna? chicken? We're taught that cats eat with their noses- if you want a cat to eat, give it something that smells fabulous! I would, however, mix in a bit of her normal food so that she doesn't become dependant on being fed something super tasty. If she likes being brushed then give her as much of that as you can- help her to feel calm and happy. Maybe try feeding her while she's being brushed?

    If the behaviour continues I would explore the idea of some sort of pheromone treatment such as Felieway- your vet can chat about this with you- but I would have thought that once the fleas are under control, her normal behaviour will return.

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    Thanks for the replies! Just wanted to update that the vet gave us some strong flea stuff for all 3 and said that he thinks she had a stomach infection but was over the worst, he gave her a couple injections and I'm pleased to report that she is back to her old self today!! :D
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