Suggestion: Allow 3 character Searches [Merged]

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Hi all and thanks for an incredibly useful site. Just to prove that you can't please all of the people all of the time, I have a polite request. I seached to see if it had been discussed before but didn't find the exact topic.

Now, I understand that the 4 character search string limitation is part of vBulletin. However, we use a lot of 2 or 3 character acronyms here (eg PPI, RBS, SIM, 02 etc etc) and it would be great to be able to search on them.

So, I know that some members are also aware of That site has similar issues (airline codes such as AA, BA, US and airport codes like LHR, LGW, NCL). Somehow the admins there managed (before their recent upgrade to a newer version) to create a "whitelist" of 2 and 3 letter search terms that would be allowed by the system.

Is this something that the MSEs think might work here?


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    Please can MSE allow 3 character searches on the MSE forums?

    I know it uses a little more system resource on the server, but it could be just turned off during Martin's TV appearences :money:

    As it stands, it's not possible to search the forum for things like "HMV" or "Wii".

    Thanks for considering it :)

    Edit> Oops I see someone else already suggested it.

    Edit >

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    Adding 3 letter words is supposed to subsantially increase the size of the search database.

    But I see over on the demo board at there's the option to add exceptions - 1/2/3 letter words that you can search for despite them being too short, but I don't know if that's for the version we have.
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    This will be looked at when we upgrade vbull - but it is way down the list at the moment - the servers couldn't cope with it - and the focus of our attention is the site redesign.


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    If you do this, use myisam_ftdump on the search index to get an ordered list of the most frequent words in the index, then add the ones you don't want to search on to a custom stop word list. That will limit the search index size growth.

    It's also worth doing it on your current search index, so you can add a few more stop words and cut the size down a bit.
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