London 2012 on a shoestring?

Having not been in the position to set aside hundreds of pounds on the off chance that I may get tickets for an event I didn't really want to see, I have decided to go to London, with my two sons that week and soak up some of the atmosphere anyway.
We are lucky that being involved in scouting and guiding we can stay at one of their many campsites near to London however there are several sites just outside of London that should be Ok to book now.
Try for a good list of sites.
So thats going to be about £15 pn so if we stay for 3 nights thats

£45 so far.

There are a number of events that will be free to watch from the roadside as long as you're not too upset about missing the finish line. The ones I know about so far are...

Mens Road cycling - 28th July
Womens Road Cycling - 29th July
Time Trial Cycling - 1st August
Mens 20km Walk - 4th August
Womens Triathlon - 4th August
Womens Marathon - 5th August
Mens Triathlon - 7th August
Womens 20km Walk - 11th August
Mens 50km Walk - 11th August
Mens Marathon - 12th August

Please feel free to add to this I am not sure whether you will be able to see some of the sailing from Weymouth without a ticket. Anyone from Weymouth or Portland with some insider info?
So we will now have seen a few events for free.

Cost so far £45

However it is going to cost to get into and around London, Currently a weeks zone 1-6 travelcard is around £50 or a 1-9 travelcard per day is £11. However you don't have to pay for under 11's and 11-16yrs pay £2 per day for zones. 1-9
4 days travel with one 7yr old one 12 yr old and one adult - £52

Cost so far £97

Eating at the campsite wont cost anymore than it does at home but lunch out everyday will cost about £5 per head I will probably make packed lunches so again wont cost anymore than at home. Assuming I spend £10 per day on food (which is generous) - £40

Cost so far £137

Travelling to the campsite in the first place will have to be by car to get our tent etc there so for us it will cost aroung £35 for the round trip.

Cost so far £172

Since we're in London we may as well visit some of the sights. I will aim for the free entry attractions such as the museums and galleries. And thats it I can't think of much else to include in my budget except I'll allow £50 for spending money and sundries.

So final cost £222

I know that there is porbably a lot wrong with this and thats why I have posted it on here so people can make suggestions and add other events that will be free to watch.

This all started because I looked at the Thomas Cook breaks and they seem very expensive for staying at a travelodge and watching 2 hours of the womens handball heats.
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