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24 little advent gifts for 30 year old male



  • chaniechanie Forumite
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    Playing cards
    DIY tool - ££££ shops often do them
    Chocolate bar
    car air freshner
    Lottery ticket
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  • pleasedeletepleasedelete Forumite
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    Are you sure he would like this?

    I find the 50 gifts and advent etc a bit trying (I know it's personal) but to be honest does he really want 24 items that will all probably be chucked in the bin or shoved in a drawer.

    It would be my idea of hell pretending to be excited and like it everyday for 24 days. He isn't age 3 and he knows that Santa isn't real. Why not wait until you have children. Does any adult really want or need plastic toys? 30 second novelty then bin or drawer.

    Why not spend less and get something an adult would want and use?

    Sorry. I know I am a ba humbug Scrooge.
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  • she_grinchshe_grinch Forumite
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    how about cinema gift card to take you to see a film?
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  • Birdie85Birdie85 Forumite
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    Sorry. I know I am a ba humbug Scrooge.

    Yes you are!

    My OH loved his advent calendar last year, as did I (I had an advent house filled with presents from him). Christmas is so focussed towards kids and when it's just the 2 of you it can get a little lacklustre, we looked forward to opening our presents every day and had a good laugh over what we'd bought each other, it really helped us to get in the spirit of the season. We'll be doing it again this year for sure!

    I remembered another thing I bought him, one of those rubber band sport watch thingies, the proper ones are £10... I got him one from Primark for £1! :D
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  • bethl79bethl79 Forumite
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    Nenen wrote: »
    My children and I made a basket of 50 gifts for my husband's 50th birthday, each with a silly/funny/romantic (depending on your pov) message attached and some of the things we put in there might be suitable for your advent gift idea.

    From memory these were some of the things I included with messages in brackets - some of these ideas were from other MSEers on the birthday threads:

    Packet of Lovehearts (for the love of my life)
    Wrapped rolo sweet (for the only person I'd ever give my last rolo to)
    pair of pants (life would be pants without you)
    highlighter pen (seeing you is the highlight of my day)
    torch (you light up my life)
    cherry liqueurs (you are the cherry on my cake)
    packet of luxury nuts (I'm nuts about you)
    Mr Men book (choose an appropriate one – my dh is 6’5” so I chose Mr Tall)
    Tippex (Make no mistake about it – we love you)
    Heart-shaped paper clips (It’s love that keeps us together)

    Travel alarm (I will love you until the end of time)
    Pedometer (I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles)
    Stapler (the steadfast love you give me is the staple diet I need)
    Pritt Stick (You are the glue that holds our family together)
    Scart Lead (Wherever life leads us, I will always be beside you)
    Heart shaped rubbers (Nothing can ever erase our love)
    Compass (Our love is a never ending circle)
    Push pins (Thanks for always sticking with me and keeping me holding on)
    Goldfish pencil sharpener (To sharpen your memory)
    Calculator (There are not enough numbers in the universe to calculate my love for you)
    Sellotape (Thank you for being so patient even when things get sticky)
    Pukka Pad (You gorgeousness has been duly noted)
    Scooby Doo lucky bag (Coz I loveee loveee youoooo)
    Scissors (you are a cut above the rest)
    marbles (emergency spares -just in case you ever lose your marbles)
    Named a star after dh - free on this website:
    Box of hugs - DIY – instructions here:
    Jar of baby food (for when your teeth fall out)
    Maze/Puzzle (brain trainer – use it or lose it)
    Emergency whistle (for when you bend down and can’t get back up)
    Rubber band (to give you back some flexibility)
    Emergency penny – for all those little bladder problems)
    Ruler (Dad rules!)

    HTH! :beer:

    I love these! It's so original, and lot's of useful stuff too :)
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