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Hi All

17 yr old teenage son going with a couple of mates for the first time and I'm trying to keep costs down. Can anyone suggest food to take?Not tins (too heavy and would clank with his lager !!!) Any other advice on this and generally from ex T in the Parkers would be great. Thanks.


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    I could give you all the advice in the world but in my experience noone eats what they take :( I'd say things like cereal bars, multi-pack of crisps (always useful to soak up some alcohol :o ) Things like burgers/chips will be readily available there, theres also places that sell things like porridge, sandwiches.

    If he is camping there was a wee bus last year that took you to the local Sainsburys, a few times a day and I'm pretty sure it was free.
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    My sons just left. He has taken pringles and cereal bars and crisps. he took loads last year and said it was a waste he didn't eat any of it. Think they are more interested in the booze. he said there are plenty of places to buy food.
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    Yup, easy to keep and eat stuff is probably best - Something they don't have to cook/prepare that will keep up the basic dietary needs to help them cope with the booze!

    Its a while since I was last there so I can't remember if TITP has gone down the road of some other commercial festivals and tried to restrict the use of camping stoves etc but some simple basics mean they don't have to queue for yonks at the usually way overpriced consession stalls.

    So long as you don't do what one of my pals did and send her daughter off with a bag of neatly packed meals consisting of bottles of fresh fruit juice, pate, salad, cold meat, smoked fish etc - in a heatwave year! :eek: :D
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