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A question for all those who use bubble bath/shower gel to re fill soap dispensers

When I move out into my own place I am planning on using a tip I picked up on here about using cheap bubble bath/shower gel to re fill my hand soap dispensers but I just have one question.

Especially in the bathroom I like to have anti bacterial hand soap, so how do you guys who use bubble bath achieve this? Do you add in some kind of essential oil eg tea tree? and if so how much would you use?

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.


  • BitterAndTwisted
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    Soap is anti-bacterial so I don't feel the need to add anything to it. If you do you could consider putting a few drops of tea-tree oil in it.
  • building_with_lego
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    You will be using the soap to WASH YOUR HANDS so as long as you rinse them afterwards that'll get rid of the bacteria.
    I did once put essential oil in my pumpy bottle and it made the bubble bath go all runny and wierd. Not recommended!
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  • foxgloves
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    I don't really bother with antibacterial products. I think they are just a marketing ploy really to bump up the price and make people feel that they will be covered in bacteria if they don't buy them. Just a thorough hand wash in hot water with soap is perfectly fine. It must be, as that's all we do, and we have very little illness/infections.
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  • natlie
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    Hi This may help basically as long as you wash your hands properly and for long enough there is no difference beween soap - which is antibacterial anyway and antibac soap - which kills off both the good and the bad bacteria

    I use Tesco Vale Baby Bubble Bath it costs 5p it smells lovely. I only use antibacterial stuff in the car after shopping - trolley handles are disgusting and I use it in hospital - after the Dr's and sometimes in work as we have no paper towels in the kitchen - cutbacks apparently!!! I work in an open plan desk-share office of 94 people

    I always laugh at those no-touch hand washing systems they cost about £6 and surely it doesn't matter if you touch a germy hand dispenser when you are using it to wash your hands - you arent going to touch it and walk off covered in germs are you? lol

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  • zippychick
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    Liquid soap - is there an OS version has loads of previous discussion - there was a thread merged with this quite recently so there is recent discussion about that very issue of bacteria etc

    This is a bit of a bone of contention on OS as so many people think the hygiene thing has just gone too far.:o

    ill merge this later on for you

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  • Cosmopolitan
    Cosmopolitan Forumite Posts: 82 Forumite
    Thankyou guys. I agree with the comments about the 'no touch' dispensers being a waste of time. I think I'll just use the bubble bath on it's own. :)

  • anguk
    anguk Forumite Posts: 3,412 Forumite
    I'm another one who doesn't bother with anti-bacterial anything either, just a good wash with normal soap. I would guess there's more germs on the average door handle than there is on your hands after using the toilet :o so unless you're not going to touch anything after washing your hands it's not worth the bother or expense. :D
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  • candie_gill
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    I have the dettol thing! I do however agree with it been stupid haha. Someone bought me it as a gift when i had LO, i actually unscrew the refil i have in it and refil it with cheap handwash thats like 30p a bottle and it refils it twice too. The dettol refils would be way too expensive, you could also use smart price bath foam, but may need watering down slightly hmmm
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