'1p Father's Day cards: is it the thought or the cost that counts?' blog discussion



  • shortchanged_2
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    At the end of the day Fathers day is nothing but a commercial scam created to make people go out and spend (usually extortionate) money on cards and presents. It was a fairly recent addition to the calendar timetable, whereas at least mothers days does have historical, religious background.

    I am a father myself and I can see that. I would much prefer it if my kids made a card for me, as someone said earlier it should be the thought that counts. Anyway why do we feel the need to have these silly days, surely I hope our kids would love us regardless and can tell us anytime of the year.
  • Percy1983
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    I thought I was bad with my 39p card factory cards (for just about very ocassion).
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  • Richard019
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    Ooh, that is really, really harsh!

    It is, but equally it is reserved for when the service is really poor. If it's just what could be someone having a bad day and not really interested I give a smaller tip than normal (or no tip) but not the 1p shot. I worked retail long enough to know that there's times staff go in so as not to let down their workmates when they really can't be chirpy and spot on, and that there's customers that are big enough pains that it can take you time to calm down.

    I've only had to do it 3 or 4 times in 10 years. The last time we had to call them back over to ask for drinks at the start, rather than being seated and offered them they'd just seated us and left us for 5 minutes and we didn't even have menus. When they brought our mains they didn't bring us the sides we'd ordered, or any cutlery, and so it went on.
  • Postman has just been and no card - so it was a useless promotion after all. It weren't the price that was attractive - it was because it was Personalised - not a bog standard one off the shelf. My daughter calls her Grandad 'Best Friend Grandad' - so being able to have this printed on the front under a photo of them together was special. Different than having the photo stand alone on the mantle piece. Anyone else had the same problem? Thought and personalisation is what counts and not the cost!
  • Wei-Huang
    Wei-Huang Posts: 346 Forumite
    I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered...and yes it's the thought that counts. I made my personalised.
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  • Cazzoh
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    I checked my account today, the 1p has been refunded with no word of a reason why.

    They sent me an email on Friday saying my card was definitely going to be in the post that evening.

    Will not use again, can only imagine this was a ploy to get their name on FB. As a company they set the offer in time for Father's Day and the number of 1p cards on offer so knew what demand they would get. Will not use them again.

    As this offer came through MSE, would hope Mr Lewis will have strong words with them!!!!
  • Minimoo24
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    i bet the dads that are moaning - dont even keep the cards they get!!
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  • ziggycj
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    I got a free one from funky pigeon. 1p is ok... but free is better :)

    IMO its not the card that counts, its the present...
  • jat100
    jat100 Posts: 178 Forumite
    Unfortunately, my Dad died last year so I didn't get to buy a Father's Day card this year. However, I know that if I had bought a card for 1p, he would have been so impressed by my Money Saving skills that it would have added to his delight at receiving a card.
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