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PrinterPix photobooks - are they any good?

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  • Pisces wrote: »
    I received my book this morning and as others have said, I'm disappointed with it. I ordered it with the Groupon deal, but had to pay extra for extra pages and hefty delivery charge despite it being sent second class - in total it was about £17. The print quality is poor - I wouldn't say the cover was even leather it's so thin and doesn't smell like leather. The printing is very variable; some pictures light, some dark, some pixelated some completely out of focus, others ok and the colours are very poor, despite the pictures all being from the same source.

    It's not quite bad enough for the price to send back, but I definitely wouldn't buy from them again.

    If you want a reminder of something and aren't too worried about quality then it's just about ok for the price. If you want a permanent reminder of a special event then take your business elsewhere.

    I totally agree with this. Got mine this morning after spending ages trying to put it together. Very disappointing. It looks pretty cheap - certainly not how I expected a leather-bound photo album to look. The pictures are often washed out, dull or pixelated - nothing like how they look when I had them printed individually before. I paid £8 for the album on Groupon plus £4.50 postage (2nd class!!). I definitely wouldn't bother using them again.
  • This is summing up how I feel just trying to make the calendars I ordered on Groupon. I done some on photobox last year they were lovely and very easy to create. Photopix is just frustrating loads of time spent shrinking pics hoping they are the same size. Not as much choice for background, you can't zoom or see clear enough if the page looks great or not. Now after reading this I'm not going to expect a decent product.
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    augustsmummyaugustsmummy Forumite
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    I have not tried the above site, but wanted to say I have tried Snapfish, Photobox and Asda. I was most impressed by Asda and Photobox. I had my wedding album and 3 canvases done by Asda and they are all lovely. The canvases were definately worth the cost.
    I have had mugs and photobooks from photobox and they have always looked fabulous. I once had a mug that arrived with a hairline crack, and I rang them to sort it out, and they were so helpful. They sent a replacement out that arrived the next day, and appologised for the inconvienience. Their service was fabulous! hth
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  • I ordered a photobook from Photobox and it was lovely. But herewith a warning to those of you that want to take the time and trouble to do more that produce a 'photo per page' type book.

    I decided to create photobook using photos from a three week trip. My photos still had random numbers as names since I copy my photos to computer using the name given by the camera. This can be quite random. So I used the handy Photobox facility to change them into "date taken" order and started on my creation. After two hours I was only partway through (lots of photos) so saved it to return later. Imagine my surprise and frustration when I found the order of all my photos had now changed to alphabetical - and apparently they can't be changed back to "date taken"! I now have to either troll through loads of photos trying to remember which were taken first, or start all over again and ensure I finish in one session. Not easy as you can only display around 10 photos at a time and I've loads and loads of them.
  • ManPantsManPants Forumite
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    After contacting Groupon I am getting an £8 credit against my account for my second £8 voucher for Printerpix. Not an ideal but hopefully I shall find something worthwhile to use the credit on in the next 6 months!

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  • Mir! wrote: »
    You can get one for free .....

    Quality is reasonable too! :)

    Thanks for this! I got mine delivered today and the picture quality was far superior. I'm not bothered that it is smaller than the printerpix photobook. It is such a lovely freebie! :)
  • just recieved my printerpix leather covered book (groupon) had added pages so paid extra, but am delighted !

    it arrived 4 days earlier than expected-a bonus as i had overshot the cut off for the date given by the site.

    background colour is slightly different from that shown on their web page, but other than that pics look great -including 18yr old ones scanned in, jpegs and even one scanned in from a photocopied school programme!!

    One very happy mum:j
  • bucks73bucks73 Forumite
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    I bought a printerpix groupon photobook and I am very very happy with it so ordered the calenders recently and today have been trying to order them and another photobook but just keeps crashing!!?:(
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  • They make a joke out of their customers. I m waiting over 3 weeks for my book now. Over a week ago they said its printed and will be send same day. After few days I called again and they said that its not printed because printer is broken, but the next day will work. And since then every day they say that it will be with me next day. They even said that I should go to my local post office because it should be there. Of course its not. I nearly begged them to write down that this is emergency order because in few days I m flying abroad to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and its a gift but they completely patronized me. Absolutely useless customer service. I asked to speak with the manager but he was busy and never bothered to call me back. The worst photobook company I know.
  • No, they are not really good. Here a comprehensive test of the leading photo book systems.
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