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Hornet in bees nest?

blue_monkey_2 Posts: 11,435 Forumite
Hi, I thought I would post this here as some of you might know what to do.

We have a bird box and found we had a red tailed bumble bee nest in there so we have left it alone.

This morning a huge hornet flew into the nest. We sent the kids in in case the bees all flew out but nothing happened, the hornet went in, one bee came out, one bee went in and that was that.

My husband has just been out there an hour later to look in the box and the hornet is still in there. We guess it might be making a nest.

Is it safe to assume that the bees are now all dead. I really do not want a hornets nest in the garden where the kids and dogs play. Can someone advise on what to do. It seems the only one. Is spraying fly killer inside the nest and then quickly taping it up with gaffer tape wise? I'd not want to kill the bees so I am not sure on what to do.

I've read that when threatened they give out a pheremone and that others come to it's 'rescue' and I'd be scared to go outside for a bit in case it's friends came after me. They look horrible, wasps are bed enough!!



  • blue_monkey_2
    blue_monkey_2 Posts: 11,435 Forumite
    My husband said the bees are not dead as they are still coming and going.
  • toni_
    toni_ Posts: 1,240 Forumite
    what usually happens when a hornet enters a bees nest is the bees swarm the hornet and kill it, i would keep an eye on the nest to see if you can see any more hornets but as the bees are still coming and going it sounds like the hornets gone. We have a solitary hornet nest in the garden, not a massive fan of them
  • blue_monkey_2
    blue_monkey_2 Posts: 11,435 Forumite
    Thanks for replying. We had a couple last year that would dive in as soon as we opened the door at night. Used to freak me out big time.

    We have seen no activity since so am hoping no more follow. Maybe they have killed it - hopefully!!

    We wondered why we had no birds in our next box this year, it wasn't until my husband was cutting the hedge and one would not leave him alone that we worked out where they were living. Thing is, we have a bee next thing, they chose the bird box instead. Typical.
  • blue_monkey_2
    blue_monkey_2 Posts: 11,435 Forumite
    An update, have looked into the bird box tonight and there is a large hornets nest being formed at the top of the bird house. Cannot see the hornet though A few bees are milling around but I am not going in there to find out what is going on. If the nest gets any bigger am going to call someone to come and destroy it. While I have read about hornets being being harmless, there is no way I am having a hornets wasp in the back garden - freaks me out just looking at them,let alone having them living out there.
  • natlie
    natlie Posts: 1,688 Forumite
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    Hi, call your Local Authorities Biodiversity Unit - they will be able to give you some advise if not then the local beekeppers association is your next best bet. Some wierd black bees with no fuzz got killed after going into our friends hive last year.
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  • Lotus-eater
    Lotus-eater Posts: 10,789 Forumite
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    Hornets aren't harmless, but they are supposed to be more docile than wasps, certainly that's my experience.
    I haven't got a nest in the garden, but I must have one close as I've seen them eating my fence for material.
    If I did have one in the garden I wouldn't be that bothered, but I would be giving it a bit of space and not going near it, even though I'm sure I would be ok, unless I whacked it with a spade or something, but even that you can do by accident.
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