My poor young trees....

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After last weeks gales here in the west of scotland, all my young trees have been left with shrivelled scorched looking leaves, will they survive :(


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    What trees are they?

    If deciduous there is every chance of regrowth
  • kazschowkazschow Forumite
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    Yes they are all deciduous, rowans, silver birch, fruit trees etc... whoohooo, here's hoping :)

    THank you :)
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    I have this on my cherry that I only planted this year. I have trimmed the branches that seemed to be worst affected. The leaves have not fallen off yet, so I am still in hope that it will recover. Need to remember to water it well as well, as I don't think it has got the root system good enough yet to be able to 'drink' from lower layers - I have only planted it out in April...
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