Where to get discount on a Yamaha Digital Piano

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I'm in the market to buy a Digital Piano.
I've spent several weeks comparing all the alternatives, and have decided that the Yamaha CLP-330 is the model that is best suited for my family (or the CLP-430 which is about to replace the CLP-330).

However, despite where I look the price is ALWAYS the same. I've looked at many 10's of places.
The price is ALWAYS 1,399 euros or £1,232

(Likewise the CLP-430 is £1,348)

There doesn't seem to be any 'market' for these pianos as the price appears to be fixed across Europe.
Also, I can't find anywhere that will give any form of discount or cashback.

Does anyone have any experience on buying a Yamahe digital piano, and/or have any specific advice about how I could reduce the price?

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  • Lugh_Chronain
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    Dawsons Music has an Ex-Display Yamaha CLP330 in mahogany with matching bench for £1,099.

    Ex-Display Yamaha CLP330 Clavinova Digital Piano Mahogany with Matching Bench (CLP-330)

    Failing that, try searching the MegaShopBot for cheaper prices. There's also a few more shopbots at the bottom of this page.

    If you need to contact Dawsons their number is 01925 632 591 - this is their main office in Warrington, just ask to be put through to sales.
  • Andyb01
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    Yamaha DPs are not cheap for a reason - because they are good quality and they also hold their price fairly well. You can get older models second-hand but digital pianos, once bought, tend to stay that way.

    You say you have looked at the 430 and decided it is the model that suits you best. What about the models just about to be replaced - these will now be discounted slightly (but not much) and have you looked at other makes? Roland also make very good digital pianos (mine is an old Roland entry level model) - the most important thing is to get your hands on one and try it although conventional wisdom is that the Yamahas are hard to beat. The touch and feel of the keys and pedals as well as the sound samples used are very subjective. The only guide worth listening to is the experience of your own hands and ears (or those who will play it).

    You will probably get the best prices on line but for good advice and the chance to try before you buy you'll need a local music shop - but one thing to remember is that if everyone shopped online for their instruments there wouldn't be any local music shops! ;)

    Avoid makes like Casio for example - who really should have stuck to calculators and digital watches - you do get what you pay for. My Roland was £750 new 8 years ago and it's not a patch on the new DPs in terms of technology - they have come on a long way since then and effectively have dropped in price in relative terms - although you don't get much for under a grand (no pun intended).

    Your only real alternative is to buy a stage piano which gives you the same keyboard action and samples but you'll need an amplifier and speakers to generate the sounds, which can ramp the price back up.

    I tried to suggest a link with some advice for you but the spam filter stopped me. :( One final bit of advice - don't skip on the headphones if you get some for it - I have some Sony MDR-7506s for mine and it sounds fab through those!


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  • don9999
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    Thanks for the advice. However with that ex-display model, they charge another £100 for delivery, making the total £1200. Brand new models are only £1236 with free delivery, so it's not really worth going for the x-display at that price :-(
    MegaShopBot (and other checkers) only support my discovery that the price of this DP appears to be fixed! EVERYONE is charging £1236, with nobody offering ANY discount or incentive. They ALL appear to offer a free matching stool, free headphones and free delivery.

    There appears to be NO open market with this Digital Piano.
    I wonder whether this is even legal these days, but that's just a vain hope on my part to get the piano cheaper....lol...

    You make some valid points.
    However I did state that I 'was' happy with the 'previous' model the 330. I appreciate that the 430 is the newer model. Advertised price is a few £100 more than the 330. I'd be happy with either model. Even happier if I could get a discount on either :-)
    I HAVE looked at lots of different makes and models and read lots of reviews.
    I appreciate the 'common sense' advice to physically try out each one, but.....'I' am not a piano player. And my daughter has only recently started to learn! So 'we' probably couldn't tell which sounded or even felt the best.
    I know.....even the most basic and cheapest of piano would probably be fine initially. However, I want the 'most suitable' rather than just the cheapest.
    Based on reviews, recommendations, specifications etc, I whittled down the field to Yamaha, Classenti, Roland And Kawai in that order. I finally settled on the Yamaha. And not only did I like the reviews I read (from accomplished pianists), but I also feel it provides the correct features that I am likely to make use of in the next few years.

    I just wish I could find a discount. I just hate having to pay the FULL price for an item, especially on ethat costs over £1,000......

    There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't!
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    Is it possible that Yamaha doesn't allow its dealers to advertise discounted prices. If you speak to the dealers they will possibly offer you a discount to clinch the sale. Ring around and haggle.
  • rocklandpiano
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    I'm in the market to buy a Digital Pianos.Yamaha Models C5, C5E, C5F,
    I have spent several weeks comparing all the alternatives, and have decided that the Yamaha C5, is the model that is best suited for my family .
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