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c.s.a. advise

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I am wondering if anyone out there can give me help or advice n my situation as this is spiralling out of control and its making myself and my wife ill with worry.

I am being re-assessed by them I have give them all the information they required and I had heard nothing from them so I thought things were ok. Then 1 of there staff rang me and told me I was in arrears upon checking my bank account I had noticed 2 payments had not reached them. So I sent a cheque straight away. Then I spoke to the CSA again and asked why they have not received my payments.

I was told that my DD had to be changed so it showed my NI number this I did. Then another payment went missing but the bank inputted the last digit wrong so my money was going to them but not under my NI number. I have finally resolved this and all this is correct and I have changed it to a standing order.

At the end of January I received a letter from the CSA stating that if I do not pay my allowance they will take me court. I rang them straight away and spoke to the member of staff who was dealing with my case. She told me not to worry this is a standard letter and she is completely satisfied I am not in arrears.

Sigh of relief. Not until yesterday morning I receive a letter from them again it was a Deduction of earnings letter and they have sent a copy to my employers for them to start taking money out of my wages.

This is getting me so worried as the amounts they are telling my work to take out will leave my new family with about £40 to live off that’s to feed and cloth petrol and any other things we need. MY wife is pregnant and this letter is now putting us under pressure.

Is there anything I can do to stop them taking money out of my wages.

Is there anything legally I co do to counter attack them as I am positive they have got this wrong.

Sorry for such a long explanation but we are both so worried.




  • I personally would go to the citizens advice bureau. They can advise and if need be give you a solicitor to use. ( I guess you would have to pay for this)If it ends up in court then you need legal help. It is a disgrace that the csa have chased some-one like yourself who has paid, and yet there are many fathers walking around with no intention of paying.I am also wondering if your local mp might be able to help??? not sure. but give it a go anyway. I havent been much help but i hope you get this problem sorted asap. Try not to worry, its pretty clear they have made a mistake here.regards Elaine
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  • Ken,

    You need to get back on the phone to them and sort this out asap. Phone the complaints line and ask to speak to a manager/supervisor.

    There's no reason why they cannot give you a full exlpanation as to why your payment have shot up so unexpectedly. I feel that, from your post, the letter to your employers may have been generated automatically due to the payments that you missed. If this is the case then you can relax but in any case you need to know if their calculations are incorrect.

    Take names of every person who you speak to and write down what they say so that you have some evidence in the future.

    Good luck and I hope that your wife isn't too stressed with all this.
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  • Hi

    Thanks for all the information, I have a meeting with the citizens advice bureau later this week. Spoke to the CSA today and the person deaing with my case is off. So they promised to freeze the DEO until she is back. Took his name for reference. He did tell me it was due to arrears so i explained the sitution to him that i hve never missed a payment. That;s why he has froze it.

    Once again thanks elaine73, Jay-Jay and mightymo.

    I do feel a little better but it does need ptting to bed so i can relax alot more


  • Interesting post ... hope it worked out OK Wireman.

    However, CSA Reality Check for anyone involved with The CSA

    Faced with being scrapped CSA staff are hell bent on saving their jobs... the priority now and has been for 6 months, to take as many fathers to Court as they can for the simply reason they have to convince the Parliamentary Select Committee to chage their recommendatrion to scrap the CSA and sack the lot of them. The ONLY way they can do this is to fiddle the figures i.e. double, tripple quadruple Court application etc. This costs the CSA nothing as they simply add the costs to the fathers arrears.

    CSA Legislation must be the envy of North protect the CSA regardless of how incompetent it is... few realise that a father has no opportunity in English Law to challenge the CSA in the Magistrates Court! I know, I tried it. The Magistrates were quite clearly alarmed if not horrified by the catalogue of incompetence I recited to them. Desperate to shut me up the CSA representative interjected and actually told the Magistrates they had to grant the by Law they have to!

    I have been told there is now an outright war on any fathers the CSA can trace... and the ones they can trace are with rare exceptions those that do pay at least something... they are sitting ducks and these are the easiest and quickest way the CSA can boost its staistics and save their jobs.

    CSA will lose correspondance it dislakes or puts them in a bad light... it will even doctor documentation. I obtained a copy of a CSA officers report of a meeting I attended. It stated the meeting covered all the points I wanted dealt with and lasted two and a half hours .... It had in fact lasted barely half an hour and barely scratched the surface of the issues which needed clarification.

    So Here is my advice to anyone dealing with the CSA

    1. the person you are speaking to knows what they are talking about.
    2. What they tell you is factually correct
    3. they they will keep a note of your call/letter
    4. That any notes or records will be accurate
    5. That your call even took place... or your letter was even written
    YES the CSA are that bad!!!

    You can help yourself by at the end of your telephone converstion

    1. Read back to the CSA worked a summary of the key points.... tell them you will send them a copy of this record/summary
    2. Then put this summary in writting and send it to the CSA
    3. End the letter with the following sentence (or something similar) '
    IF you do not consider the above to be accurate you must write to me within 14 days of this letter staing specically whgich aspects of this record are inaccurate.

    This will offer some help in the appeals process.... which is likely to take years.

    NEVER give our any bank details ... if the CSA can find out when you are on holidays from your ex they can work the system and Garnish (a posh word for take) money from your bank account and by the time you realise whats going on its gone!!!

    If you pay by standing order transfer only what you pay/owe each week/month into the account you make the payment from. The CSA only need one account number and they can garnish money in all the attatched accounts with that bank... To prevent them doing this transfer money into the standing order account from another bank.

    Keep all your bank details secure... Never write your ex- a cheque. If you have any accounts which your ex may know about close them.

    Good responsible fathers BE WARED ... the CSA are on the warpath ... are like Wireman you could well get caught out by their legendary incompetence ... and ask yourself one question...

    '' What is the Number one priority of those working for the CSA ... to keep their jobs ... or to sort out my problems?''

    In my experience as a father, every single time I have dealt with the CSA the officers have used every trick in the book to escalate the arrears I owe, and even when they accept they have made an error they refuse to backdate any corrections... so they insist I must pay three times what they knew I was earning. That is why they don't bother to answer mail and their so called complaints departments is interested only in safeguarding the interests of the CSA.

    And if you had any thoughts of suing the CSA in Court forget it...They are protected by the Governent from being sued ... its the Can't be Sued Agency ...North Korea eat ya heart out!!!
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  • jellyheadjellyhead Forumite
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    sorry to hear they've messed it up for you, i hope the citizens advice can help, and maybe your MP. daft isn't it that they're doing this to you yet there are so many people they can't even be bothered to trace or deal with. my sister and her ex have both given all the necessary details but the CSA haven't set anything up, as far as they know there's a single parent on income support and there's a father earning over 30k not paying a penny since they filled in the inital forms 18 months ago. my sis is on tax credits now and her ex pays her every month and keeps receipts but they don't know that so you'd expect them to have looked into the case at least. the biological father of my son moved job and house without telling them and all they did was write to me and to his parents, none of us knew where he was (6 years later i still don't know but i assume his parents do). the case was just dropped. he's probably working and paying tax/NI somewhere but they don't have the ability to look for him therefore he gets away with not paying. yet they makes life a misery for men like you and white knight :-(
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  • Hi

    Thought i would keep you informed as to what has happened and i can't understand it at all. I spoke to CAB who spoke to the CSA directly on my behalf after coming of the phone he was as confused as me. Anyway i have had several phone calls from them 3 diferent people i have sent then all the information again and i have now received a letter stating that my payments to them is Nil i cannot believe this how can i not pay my ex wife anything. (I know she will not be happy). Today i had another phone call from them and now they are telling me they owe me money and will be sending me a cheque next week. i have asked them to confirm all this in writing just incase thay have made a mistake (again).

    Thanks for all the input given

  • :confused: Having had very similar experiences with the CSA i can thoroughly recommend you join an organisation called NACSA
    They will offer you advice, take up your case with the CSA if required and there is also a marvelous support nekwork via their forum.
    If nothing else you will gain a tremendous feeling of support ffom others, not just those paying maintenence but those not receiving any.

    The best case scenario is to come to a private arrangement with your ex-wife (if she is not on benefits). It can be done!

    remember the CSA is an ineffecient service run by people who don't know half the time what they are dealing with. Always get names ( although one day we asked for a name and we were told daniel O'donnel. Apparently to protect themselves they can choose a code name. I only found this out after secveral complaints as I thought this guy was taking the P***.

    Join NACSA it will be the best £20.00 you spend this year.
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