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    I use a Mac password protection program called DataGuardian - not free, but pretty decent. Ideally it'd sync with my mobile though.
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    Just in case anyone is still reading this thread - I work in IT and would like to offer a few password tips:
    - avoid just having a dictionary word
    - avoid any part of your name, family member's or pet's name, or anybody's date of birth
    - a secure password should have at least 8 characters, and more is better. A mix of capitals, lower case, numbers and symbols is is also important
    - to store a list of passwords on your computer, use a password manager like Keepass that encrypts your passwords
    - make sure that your password to open your password manager is very secure!
    - if you use an online service like Lastpass to store your passwords, make sure that your account has a very secure password! And take advantage of their two factor grid authentication or USB key options
    - Word & Excel are NOT secure places to keep your password lists - tools are readily available to access password protected Word & Excel files
    - do not keep password lists in text or CSV files!
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    For a PIN say 3510.

    Take the 0 and subtract 2 (from 10) = 8 (1st digit of code)
    Take the 1 and subtract 2 i.e. take 1 is 0 then another 1 is 9 = 9 (2nd)
    Take the 5 and subtract 2 = 3 (3rd digit of code)
    Take the 3 and subtract 2 = 1 (4th digit of code)

    So you have 8931.

    To produce your code (if you forgot your PIN)

    Take the 1 and add 2 = 3 (1st digit of code)
    Take the 3 and add 2 = 5 (2nd)
    Take the 9 and add 2 i.e. to 0 then to 1 = 1 (3rd digit of code)
    Take the 8 and add 2 = 0 (4th digit of code)

    Hey presto! your PIN is 3510

    Write all your encoded PINs on a piece of paper in your wallet. With a bit of practice (or go and have a cup of coffee to work it out) you can instantly recall whilst out shopping. Wallet stolen - no problem just cancel your cards and do the same with the new PIN.

    Thanks for your time.
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    tog22 wrote: »
    I use a Mac password protection program called DataGuardian - not free, but pretty decent. Ideally it'd sync with my mobile though.

    Password Safe for windows.

    Thanks for your time.
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    I prefer to pick an unusual word and use that as commonality to all my passwords (something that even if it is a dictionary word, might not be found in typical word lists); tweak he word with capitals, numbers & punctuation, then add into it something relevant to the site the password is for.E.g. I could take something like 'choctastic'
    Which could then become cH0c745T!C
    Logins for MSE could then be cH0mc74S5T!EC
    Then it's just a matter of remembering (or storing) what abbreviation you used for a given site, and what points through your base term they appear. E.g. mSE4812 which looks like a password in itself, but isn't.
    The main problems; not all sites are as secure as others; some aren't case sensitive, others don't allow punctuation, while others demand both.
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    I have about 8 different passwords, I have the first and last letter stored on one excel sheet and give them a number each. So just say my password is


    The spreadsheet would look like

    1 m1

    Then on 2nd spreadsheet I list the websites and then put the code next to it

    so if moneysaving1 was for here it'd be

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