Great 'When's best to supermarket shop for discounts?' Hunt



  • Firstly - let me say thank you to all the lovely sales assistants, who have to be on their feet 99% of the time. I so appreciate the bargains that I get from the Sainsburys Store in Thetford. Esp from the fresh fish counter. I have built up a rappour with all the late night staff and I will always check if there is any more to come off, but if not then I accept that price. I tend to stand back and usually do not take more than I will use, unless it is freezable and no one else wants that item.
  • I just wanted to thank all of you who have taken time to give us all these tips. I've written them all down, so now I know when is the best time to try all our local supermarkets.

    In my dim and distant past I used to work on the knicker counter in M&S, and still have nightmares of a particularly fat bloke chasing me round it asking me to try them on for him :o Not relevant, I know, but it shows how pushy the general public can be with sales assistants!
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    Just a quick line to say a big thanks to all staff who have contributed to this topic. You've made things a lot clearer and, hopefully, a lot easier to get the best reductions. :beer:
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    Love that story Crocus.... Some poeple are just UNBELIEVABLE!!
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    I find the "service" of reductions mixed.

    The worst experience I had was in Morrisons with a trolley/cage full of bakery items which was being reduced and passed directly to the security guard. One week I got 50p chickens, 9p loaves and the like, all used or frozen. Next week the security guard and assistant just passed it too each other in front of about 4 waiting customers. Not only was this unfair but bloody rude to do it in front of people. Been one time since but generally the reductions are so poor I can not be bothered.

    Overall: if you get a good day you can get amazing deals on all sorts, but it seems few and far between.

    Old Faithful - when it comes to bread products = go at 3.30-4.00 on a Sunday when it closes at 4.30 you are guaranteed lots of bread. However, I am trying to cut back grrrrr other things are hit and miss, some good and some bad. I have had some cheerful assistants who go through and help you, others that pause or delay even though you are not pestering and just looking at what is going on the shelf. One time this group of batty old women were hoarding the trolley and the assistant was just passing the items directly to them and they had trolleys half full :(

    Good for bread, and some packet/dried stuff, and non food items like Cat food, antihistamines, etc. Tend to be good for eggs

    in the 24 hour store, a real mix. Firstly there appears to be nothing cheap after about 9 and I think Veg can be great, like raspberries for 25p, or peppers 29p. And they always seem to have coleslaw and potato salad. black and yellow bananas too are often 29p for 2 kilo or similar, and i do not mind them... and they are ideal form banana bread. Meat is a mixed bag, with the best deals coming from the fresh butchers counter (finest bacon at 25%-35% original price).
    HOWEVER, when it comes tot he deli its awful - I mean I have seen slices of quiche mushed to high heaven with 20% off. The fresh meat slices is also stuck at about 25% off and they do not seem to clear... but maybe they just take longer. The tin reductions can be good, and other times laughable (packets of food £2.89 down from £2.99 even though packaging destroyed and close to sell by date. Other times it can be good.

    Good for veg and occasional deli items.

    Waitrose in Boots
    Not many discounts but often 33-66% on chilled counter, so get it right its fab.

    Good for fresh pasta and bacon.

    Rubbish in the local big out of town store, but the one in town does the 50p off and I have been known to get 10 packs of soup - although having a laugh about it with the assistant whilst doing it. Also great egg deals. Find it frustrating in the big store where I have seen only 30% on items which rather than getting reduced further, get thrown in a trolley for slinging.

    Good for soup,, some meat and fish and eggs.

    Timing wise most store give the good discounts at 1-2 hours before closing, apart from Tesco Extra (24) which seems to be 4-6pm to get the evening rush.

    Must say I find some of the assistants comments very unprofessional - and like the "not my problem your on a low budget comment", we could say "not my fault you don't like your job/go the late shift/etc.". The key focus should be to get as much value out of the food that would otherwise cost your employers money, and make there "waste stats" look bad. HOWEVER
    Some reduction shoppers are appalling, rude, aggressive, and clearly buying to throw away. I have rolled my eyes or raised eyebrows at them to understanding assistants who are being pushed out of the way by these sorts. There are times I simply walk away when there is a scrum around an assistant (ASDA often worse for this).

    I follow these rules ... be polite, be polite, and be polite. But that should apply in life and not just around reductions. Do not make assistants life hard work, but do not be embarrassed about getting or looking for 9p bargains. And remember, you are getting a deal and the supermarkets are saving money - they are not doing you a favour. and to those assistants that wil have a little chat, reduce things in your basket or just offer a little advice or gentle encouragement. thank you.
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    While I don't doubt some customers are a pain, I have encountered the reverse situation too. If someone is doing the reductions I usually avoid talking to them if I can help it. So far every one, in several supermarkets, has been rude and abrupt. I can think of quite a few examples including one this week. It was the end of the day and I asked the man doing the reductions if he was going to reduce the croissants that were dated that day, to which he snapped "yes" without even bothering to look up from what he was doing. When I asked if he could sticker a packet he just said "different price" and resumed ignoring me. General experience has been that you're lucky if they even look at you and have a conversation. There have been times when I really need to ask something and it's just the member of staff doing the reductions and I've seriously questioned if it's worth the bother.
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    justa quick note to ASDA Cockhedge staff today ... wow you have a hard time and thanks.

    I had a peak but gave up as the scrum was mental, 10 minutes later EVERYTHING was 10p, and actually most of the bargain hunters had left already :-)

    Still, they worked hard with some awfully rude customers. Reckon I was the only one who actually said thank you as seen as they were pricing things down that people had picked up ... some old codger picked up something and stuck it in a mads face for 5 minutes while we was finishing what he was doing ....

    Reckon ASDA do not pay there staff enough
    ............... Have you ever wondered what
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