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Just wanted to post my gratitude to Martin and the MSE'ers and figured this was the right place (?)

Basically my debts are my mortgage and one largish debt (see sig if interested) which is at mortgage interest and terms (bank of Mum and Dad stepped in to help me out when I moved to my current house when Nationwide messed us around big time with our mortgage... long story, and boring)

But I never seem to have much money, hence my initial stepping into the land of MSE. Since joining I've been spurred into questioning every payment I make and have:

- Reduced my Sky package, saving £16 pm (£192 a year)
- Switched electric and gas supplier saving me around £15 pm (£180 per year)
- Am going to check with my FIA about cancelling current life insurance for the mortgage and reducing it. I can save £80 pm here and figure the £960 a year is better paid off my loan/mortgage.
- Will be using my newly aquired Quidco account to buy next years house insurance cheaper, and though a provider who is currently offering over £100 cash back :T
- Will not blindly go straight back to 3 mobile asking just for a new phone when my contract runs out in Jan, but for other perks too
- Am seriously considering being a cash-back credit card person (is that a tart, not sure :rotfl: )
- Will save £20 per month next year to put towards chrimbo next year (sat and worked out how I spend per person and divided by 12)
- Will snowball the £250 pm (£3000 per year) I spend on the Bank of Mum and Dad loan into my mortgage when that's paid off

In general I also:
- Do store cupboard and chopping challenges
- Save £2 coins. Currently for Christmas but will go into a not-yet-bought Mortgage pigs, along with any take away budget that we 'save ourselves' from :rotfl: and loose change
- Will get a Mortgage Pig in the next year

Even my 3 and a half year old son the other days switched the living room light off appearing randomly, and when I asked him why, he said 'because there's no-one in there' :T

Thanks sooooo much Martin for the fab ideas in the Money Diet book and clear way of explaining things, I'm really looking forward to my Thrifty Ways arriving too. And thanks to everyone on the board for the ideas and support.
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    Hi Shortie, great to hear of your success (especially with your young son - start 'em young is what i say!).

    I have a great deal of success using my cashback credit card. I can easily make £10 a month out of my card and am hoping to double the cashback this christmas as all our christmas pressies/food etc will go on my card instead of straight out of hubby's bank account (i will just have to organize myself to present him with the receipts. ;))

    Dont forget your gas/electricity and house phone. You can make significant savings going through the cheapest supplier (sorry if you have done it already). I got a pleasant suprise when i opened my Tesco clubcard statement yesterday when i found over 300 points had been added to my totals as i had added my Tesco Clubcard to my Powergen account and it all helps.

    I think your doing really well.
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    Tesco club card added to your power supplier? I'm not with Powergen, but are you getting points for paying for your ultities? (I'm guessing it's specific providers, not all...) Ooo... 'm very interested

    And you've made me just realise that that £200 we spend per month on food, though it comes from a different joint account, I might as well but the food on the CC to get cash back and just pay that portion of the debt from that account... it all adds up. Thanks!
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    Hi Shortie, yes i am with Powergen. It is one of the cheapest suppliers for me round here and i have had my fingers burned so many times with Direct Debits when i change suppliers i wont be in any rush to change for the sake of a few quid. Fortunately for us, my daughter works at Telewest and gets the services free anyway (we just have to pay for the calls) so i cant get much cheaper than that.

    All my food shopping goes onto my credit card. MrJudi pays me a set food allowance on Friday evenings for the family. My shopping comes on Wednesdays and i transfer the cost of the shopping to an online saver. When the credit card bill comes in at the beginning of the month i have had the money gaining interest in my savings account before i finally have to pay it off. I recently asked for my credit card limit to be increased a few weeks ago too. I am hoping to pay for our holidays with it. :D

    The only thing i dont think ive done though is pay for MrJudis petrol - hmm maybe thats a thought!!! That reminds me, the car is due for its 20,000 mile service in a week. I wonder if i can get that on my credit card too.
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    Thanks again Judi

    If anyone esle can think of some bits, I'd love to hear them.
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    Woo Hooo!!!

    My contract phone is due to expire soon and I had every intention of staying with my provider and the tarriff (my tarriff isn't beaten elsewhere for the little it costs)..... I phoned them up today and asked them to offer me an incentive to stay with them and I got a £43 discount on my bills. That equates to one free month and a nearly half price month for Jan and Feb!

    PLUS.... I've been introduced to the Quidco and Envirophone concept on these boards and will be achieving the following:

    Saving £15 p/m for DH on his mobile tarriff, getting more for his money too, and through Quidco getting £100 cashback...

    Sending my plus DH's current mobile to envirophone to get around £70 cashback

    Changing my home and Life insurance in January and getting a total saving of around £100 p/m for the two... now just to suss out if I can get Quidco cashback too!
    :T :T
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