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Ann summers party organiser?

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Ann summers party organiser?

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lullypopslullypops Forumite
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Hiya! I have tried to find a post but cant find anything recent...

My friend recently started as an Ann Summers rep and she is trying to get me to become part of her team, ive recently given up avon as i was finding it too much work for too little money and i didnt have any spare time for my family etc. Now, ann summers is actually really appealing to me as it would seem that eventually it may be possible to earn enough to work less hours in my "proper job" lol.
Just wondered if somebody could tell me the "ins and outs" :rotfl::rotfl: of being an ann summers rep! :)


  • lullypopslullypops Forumite
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  • **dancingbutterfly****dancingbutterfly** Forumite
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    found a thread from ages ago, see my reply in post 2 in which I highlight good and bad points and also a good forum just for ann summers reps.

    good luck :)
  • mazza7103mazza7103 Forumite
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    i've just started myself as a rep. my first party is on saturday. i would say you would be earning at least £60 a party but you could eventually earn a lot. i do avon too but at the moment all its giving me is enough to keep me in cosmetics but nothing more. i tried looking for ann summers reps on here to exchange ideas but didnt have any luck
  • F_T_BuyerF_T_Buyer Forumite
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    Silly question: Those Avon catalogues, do you lose out if people bin them? I don't want Avon, yet they still keep putting it through my door (I put a note saying I do not want it). I get stupid amount of junk mail, in fact it would save me time putting my bin behind the door.
  • yeah we pay for avon catalogues. if you leave them on your door step with a note saying you dont want anymore. failing that the reps phone number should be on the order form so you could give them a quick call
  • **dancingbutterfly****dancingbutterfly** Forumite
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    mazza7103 wrote: »
    i've just started myself as a rep. my first party is on saturday. i would say you would be earning at least £60 a party but you could eventually earn a lot. i do avon too but at the moment all its giving me is enough to keep me in cosmetics but nothing more. i tried looking for ann summers reps on here to exchange ideas but didnt have any luck

    most parties i did i earned between £20 and £50. Quite a few i earned nothing! so id spent countless time on the phone with the hostess, countless hours preparing my kit and sending paperwork (all at MY expense), id spent money on petrol to get there and back, which sometimes was £20-25! Its a joke when that happens.

    The one party i did was a hen do and they all had no intention of buying anything, just wanted the fun games and messing about etc. Then when one said ''how do they pay you?'' i said ''its comission only so if you dont buy anything i wont earn anything!'' to which they still DIDNT buy anything.....:(

    Oh and you have to pay for the game prizes and all equipment/materials that you need. So thats an added cost of around £8-£10 per party. So if no one buys anything, your down to the tune of anything between £20- £50.

    Then again i did one party and earned £150! so its swings and roundabouts, so just make sure your hostess' know you work on commission, ann summers dont pay you nothing!

    good luck! :)

    Lullypops - has our advice helped???????
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    J-Man_4J-Man_4 Forumite
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    Wife does it for Private Times who give her the same commission as she'd get with AS. Slow at times as the company gets known as its new to parties plus people arent really spending much but the few shes had people spend more than they would with AS as it costs less. Sure you have to rely on your own bookings but for most its not a problem. Some can make it work if they have the 'base'. Downside was we had to pay for the kit upfront although once youve got it its yours to keep (unlike AS so someone said where you still have to return it). Its all been paid off now though and profit made on top. With AS you pay something like £3+ a week i think.

    Beauty is of it all you can work when you want to work...its a freedom most people love. Some even use it as their only income but others use it as a weekend or evening job. I tried avon when i was strapped for cash a few years ago but the market was that saturated with existing avon people on the turf that it was nigh on impossible to make anything.

    Hope it helps, and good luck! :)
    4 years of entering competitions daily and not a thing won. What a fix.
  • fillyfopfillyfop Forumite
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    I did AS for 3 years and loved it! But it is alot more time consuming than you'd think and you have to deal with a "variety" of people. As well as the party, you need to plan, order, wait for deliveries, package orders, deliveries, may have returns to deal with, accounts and of course finding new customers!
    You get 30% commission but take discounts you might give, prizes etc out of that although you can sometimes buy "specials" which you can then sell on for more profit. I always did a raffle for a bit more money (adjust prizes for money received to ensure you make profit)

    In terms of game prizes, I would always give a joke certificate as a prize and then something else cheap for the 2nd game so that can be done fairly cheap.

    Earnings are really variable usually £30-60 per party I'd say, but you can make hundreds in a night! and it depends how much you want/can work. There are of course parties where you'll earn nothing!! Particularly hen parties like dancingbutterfly said above. But if I suspected a hen party, I would say there was a deposit to pay upfront which would be deducted if minimum sales were met. No sales, but you've still got some money :)

    Hope this helps.
  • i had my first party last night and unfortunately it was a hen party. it was a last minute booking from head office. it was a nightmare. they made me wait to get started and then when we got to the end it became clear none of them had any intention of buying anything. 10 people and i had a grand total of 2 order totalling £36. the raffle i got about £7. i was livid. i should have gone to the pub. i'm definitely doing a deposit of £40 deductable against £120 sales. the other thing that annoyed me was a really had to travel to the party and as i drive i'm one of the few girls that would have done it. the host even had the audacity to say at the end when i said order time, "well i have no money"
  • I used to do AS - I would often make £90+ a night, but there was a lot of travelling and messing about - it's not just the party, it's the finding bookings, hostess coaching, travelling there, doing the party and watching that you don't lose any stock or money to lightfingered customers, making the customers spend - you have to be a good salesperson - doing the raffle (ALWAYS have something that vibrates as the main prize is my tip - I used a product that I recommended as a good starter product in my pitch, as I found that having it as a raffle prize made more people buy it, and plus I had already done the pitch so more people wanted to win it). Split multipacks to use as prizes, and go in the shop if they have a discount bucket. Give prizes to people who book parties - cheap wine goes down well. Then of course you have to order the stock, put through the card payments (and chase up the people whose cards get rejected - which is a lot with AS as they are drunk when they order), sort out the orders, deliver them, sort out any returns and refunds and chase up recruits. My team leader was also from a distance away so I had to travel to the meeting once a month, which was a bus, a train and then a half hour lift away, and it was always a worry to catch the last train home, plus the regional meetings were about once a quarter, and leadership training on top of that.

    All in all, it probably works out at £10 an hour profit, and of course it isn't very reliable, but it is fun. You also have to give your kit back at the end - no idea what they do with it, but I kind of resented that, after all the money I had made for them. And of course you are very restricted - no men, no under 18s, advertising is restricted too. You can't do stalls at fairs unless it is women and 18+ only, and you can't use non AS items as raffle prizes.
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    Also growing, scrimping and crafting to not need as much in the first place!
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