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in Motoring
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Looking for a bit of expert advice.

10-y-o amazingly trouble-free Focus (60K) now needs a cambelt change. Quote from garage I trust (thorough but not cheap) £195 labour and £85 parts -- inc water pump and tensioners. Is this reasonable for south of UK?
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  • TiTheRevTiTheRev Forumite
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    Genuine parts or not? I'd insist on genuine for peace of mind and warranty. Price is ok though. We charge £319 at VW Dealer.
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  • rev_henryrev_henry Forumite
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    Sounds about right. Have a call round another couple of garages to make sure.
  • jase1jase1 Forumite
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    Well the £85 is certainly around the going rate.

    Looks like 5 hours' labour at £39/hour.... probably won't take them that long but it's not unreasonable.

    I took in my MK2 Focus to get its cambelt changed... my mechanic has quoted me around £220 including tensioner and water pump, not OE parts but not the cheap rubbish either. But then I'm in the north east where stuff tends to be a bit cheaper. I believe that breaks down to 4 hours * £30 labour plus £100 for the parts, just for comparison.
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