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Our venue have asked us to provide a couple of hours worth of music to be played whilst we are having the wedding breakfast.
We're having difficulty thinking of songs which would be good in the background - you tend to remember the more catchy ones, don'tcha think!!

We would prefer to stay away from classical as it's not really us... we're more into alternative/rock. Sooo.... just looking for suggestions really!

Current list:
kings of leon - pyro
kings of leon - radioactive
orbital - halcyon on and on
orbital - belfast
unkle - broken
moby - porcelain
moby - extreme ways
chicane - poppiholla
Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits
William Orbit - Barbers Adagio For Strings
Badly Drawn Boy - 'Once Around The Block'
CLANNAD-Theme from Harry's Game
Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground

Any and all suggestions welcomed, thank you :D :beer::j:T


  • It really all depends on what you're into to be honest. If you want love songs then just google love compliations and paste out the results. Otherwise it's really hard to do. My sister has asked me for a list of my all time favourite songs so she can do a playlist for the hen doo, but i'm really struggling with it. Especially as both my ipod and lap top are now deceased RIP.
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    ooh, interesting. As long as it's hangover-friendly! I'm into that kind of music, and I'm thinking of compiling my own list, so here's my two cents:

    the cure - just like heaven
    amos lee - keep it loose, keep it tight
    otis redding - sittin on the dock of the bay
    the smiths - this charming man
    bill withers - lean on me
    rem - daysleeper
    velvet underground - after hours
    fleetwood mac - landslide
    the temptations - my girl
    idlewild - in remote part
    primal scream - movin' on up

    Best to have nothing too oppressive, but nothing too sleepy. Also, it's a bit cringing if all the songs are love-related, so mix things up a bit.

    Good luck!
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    We have made this on youtube; not the final version but work in progress!

    Some similar to yours, but I understand it is very personal to us:

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    Background music should be just that - something that you don't notice while it's playing, but would notice if it wasn't.

    We've been advised that it's best to have instrumental stuff while eating, as it's least distracting.
    Also, nothing with too strong a kick drum!
    But instrumental versions of songs you like are good ideas.

    PS - I like you suggestions in the dance genre - that's probs the stuff we'll go for - Ibiza chillout style.
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    We were doing the same thing last night, and we think that picking the music has been the hardest part of the whole wedding!
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    When we were looking at music for the ceremony I got distracted and found myself on a website of TV theme tunes, including lots of kids TV. I had this bizarre idea of making up a playlist of all clips of those, going on a real nostalgia trip. I thought it might be a fun talking point but then again it becomes les background. Not sure if I'd go through with it or not though...not sure how brave/daft I'm feeling lol
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    we had lord of the dance soundtrack played in the back ground! Lord of the dance is my favourite hymn and we used the sound track from the stage production. was nice, just subtle.
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    We were thinking of disney films - there's always a mixture of music on each film. We downloaded over 100 disney film songs :) Now just to weed out the really soppy and the 'danger' music ha ha.

    Also, i really want to play Gogol Bordello - Purple - Me and OH love it - noone else does :(
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    Agree with the comments above that background music should be background music. I've been to weddings where the music is really distracting.

    We provided a few Norah Jones and Katie Melua CDs. Simple mellow background music. People will want to chat and catch up during the meal.

    If you make a playlist, make sure it's long enough. One wedding I went to we had the music twice over which everyone noticed.
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