Laundry Monitor

I have started to monitor the washing baskets a few weeks ago and this has proved to be a great saving, both time and money.

I was sick of clothes being thrown in the wash after being worn for a few hours - neither dirty nor smelly - so every evening before I go to bed I rumage the baskets (I have three) and take out the genuinely dirty items and hang up the other stuff.

This takes all of five minutes compared to hours of washing and ironing and saves pounds on electricity. The washing machine is only on for one wash a night instead of two (sometimes three at the weekend). I have also been re-using towels a couple of times before putting them in the wash, again saving loads on washing and drying.

I find I now have so much more time and iron only once at the weekend instead of spending half an hour every evening.

And guess what? Nobody in my household has even noticed - RESULT!!!

How often do you wash clothes?
Halifax CC [STRIKE]£7865[STRIKE] £7801[/STRIKE]; Halifax CC £7893; Halifax O/D £4000; RBS O/D £2250; Santander O/D [STRIKE]£700[/STRIKE] £0;:j Citi CC [STRIKE]£1850[STRIKE] £1807 Tesco £2150; RBS £4750; RBS Loan £2150; Next [STRIKE]£150[/STRIKE] £85; Virgin £2450

Total: [STRIKE]£36208 [/STRIKE] :eek:£35336 = £872 or 2% PAID
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