Do not go near 'we fight any claim'!!

It's a wonder the haven't been run out of town. The Welsh town where they opperate from should be aware of the untrustworthy firm that is accociated with them. They should not be able to take any money on the day they call and by law it should be returned within 14 day, if requested. I have notified them by phone,email and letter that I wanted my money back and have had no success after 8 weeks. I have talked to various 'supervisors' and have been told a lot of rubbish . they continue to try and make you change your mind and have no intention of making a refund. what they do is illegal! STAY CLEAR!!


  • Just had them on the phone, "in reply to a survey you recently completed", and let them go through their spiel.....
    All seemed a bit fishy, but I reluctantly gave them some details. (Credit cards I had, mortgage I was still paying).
    From these meager details, they pulled a magic figure of nearly £5K out the hat, and said I could be 'entitled' to this as a refund from 'hidden' PPI charges...(?!) At the same time, I received an email (I'd just given them my email address) and this contained their fee structure.....
    I was then transferred to an advisor (deal closer) who was very friendly and personable right up to the point he wanted around £475 paid up front. He even went so far as to inform me that his company policy was to advise clients to put this fee on a credit card "which would be fine as long as I kept up the minimum monthly payment".
    It was at this point I interrupted him...
    "You want me to pay you nearly 500 quid over the phone, to a company I've never heard of and put it on my credit card? This phone call is over!" and put the phone down. From what I've read here since putting down that phone, I've had a lucky escape.....
    Just wish I hadn't been dumb enough to give them so much information in the first place. Now they have my home number and my mobile, my home address and my email. Not good.
    Hope you get your money back - from another post here, somebody did.....
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    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.
  • I had an unsolicited phone call from themm this evening promising to reclaim PPI from any mortgage, loan or credit card over the last 15 years. I gave them some details but stressed that I had never opted for PPI in any loan situation. They passed me to a 'supervisor' who went through the same details and insisted that all banks 'built in' PPI into all their financial products. He told me I was entitled to £20,731 in compensation!!! I asked if there was any up front fee and he said it's no win- no fee, but I would have to pay the £3020 up front!? All I had to do was check the email he'd sent me. He phoned back but I was cooking tea and he got quite shirty - "you don't sound very excited" was one quote. I said I'd have to discuss such a large payment with my wife first. He said "Why? Just put it on the credit card". At that point I lost it and put the phone down. Thankfully I've seen these reports which confirms the company is full of sh***te. I'm just disappointed they use Joe Calzaghe on their website.
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